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Hey Everyone!

Today has been pretty busy with my co-worker being in Florida. I have had a large number of small fires to put out around the shop and offices today. At this point in time things have come to a lull. Speaking of my co-worker though, he text me something interesting yesterday. He said he had a business proposition for me. At this point it could be anything, knowing him. He proceeded to tell me that the church that he and his family attends, which is also a catholic school, was large enough to warrant some IT support. He was going to possibly do it on the side, and would like to rope me in to do it with him. I think I like that idea. I worked in a high school tech building for a summer and really enjoyed it. I can only assume that they would want help with laptops and smart boards. They may even want some cable run throughout the building, who knows. But I can always use any extra money that I can get. It would be fun bottom line. He said he would tell me more about it when he comes back, which will be tomorrow. I’ll keep you updated.

With hunting season ever approaching, I can’t help but find myself watching videos about butchering your own venison. This is of course assuming that I get a deer this year. We normally take it to a local butcher, but he is old and has had a few major health problems since last year. On another downer note the guy my dad wanted to go to shot himself two days ago. So it is safe to say he won’t be doing it either. Enough about that bad stuff! I found a great You Tuber by the name of Scott Rea his channel can be found here: . I don’t know about you but he isn’t the kind of person I would look at and think “He is a butcher.” He is however and hes damn good. If you want to butcher anything he would be the man to watch. Again I like his videos on deer since that is mostly what I hunt. I would love to do the work myself this year if I get the chance to. It seems like you can get more out of the animal if you do it your self. Less would go to waste which I love.

Last night I downloaded an app called ‘Animation Throwdown’ It is essentially a watered down Magic the gathering, and a closer rival to Hearth Stone . Except the cards are all Adult Swim-ish character related. They use shows like the Simpsons, family Guy, Futurama, Kill of the Hill, and American Dad. It is interesting to say the least. They have a few cool features, like being able to research combos for cards and playing different game modes. If you are into that style of play its worth a look. It will pass the time that’s for sure. I quickly added two game play videos of it on my YouTube channel that can be found here: . And it was just recorded with my phone’s built in recording software so it isn’t the best but it does get the job done haha.

I guess I’ll quit rambling. Tonight we have our home inspection so fingers crossed. Tomorrow I have a district wide masonic practice at our home lodge, so that will be fun. I’ll see you all back here tomorrow! 😀 😀


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