Evening Turn For The Better

Happy Friday Everyone!

Yesterday I dedicated myself to having an evening of Rainbow 6 game play. I text my wife and let her know that, that was what I intended to do. I got a hold of two of my good friends and got them to join me as well. I got home with full intentions to play the night away. It really was what I wanted to do.

I got home and got all ready to go. I played one full game by myself as kind of a warm up until my buddies got there. I did pretty terrible. I didn’t get a single kill even. My one friend arrived and I played the next game with him. Now here is the thing, every time I play with him I play the worst. This isn’t a joke in any way, I literally play awful. I ended up again getting no kills and no assists and spent most of the time watching my team play without me because I died so quickly. That isn’t fun by the way. Part way through that came, out of the blue, my brother text me and asked if my wife and I would like to come over for dinner. This is a bit odd since he has never really done that before. They did just have a baby though so that could be why. I made the right choice and chose family over video games and we ended up going. I felt bad getting people together to play with me and then having to go so soon. It worked out in the end because my other friend got tied up as well.

We went to my brother’s house and hung out with his fiance and their , just over one moth old, baby. She is pretty darn cute and fun to be around even though she is still super young. We ordered food from a local pizza place, and life was good. It took my mind off of my poor gaming performance and got me out of my parents house for a bit. We really just sat their and caught up for a couple of hours but that was all that was needed. It is a bit weird seeing my little brother being a dad still but it will be normal soon enough.

Once I got home I still saw that I could squeeze a couple Rainbow 6 games in so that is what I did. And of course since my buddy wasn’t playing with me I did great! These are the two pictures that I sent him via text that same night:


You know the MVP of the team, with the best score in the server, and on a 4v5 team! Why can’t I do that all the time and especially when I’m playing with my buds haha. Gah it is so frustrating lol.

Anyway, today I have had the pleasure of stumbling across another great You Tuber, who goes to great lengths to prove or disprove Rainbow 6: Siege ‘myths’ I think the series is 17 videos to this date. His name is Coreross, and he is Scottish. Here is a ling to his channel if you would like to check any f it out: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCroEhhw0FYTT-UfQKwV3Ipw  He and a couple friends have answered some of the most asked questions about the game and test them pretty thoroughly. They keep up to date with patch notes and even go back and re-test old myths. Give ‘um a look.

One last thing, I did get a hold of my transcripts today so as of tonight my end of this deal will be done. We will be waiting for further instructions from the bank, realtor, or attorney next.

Have a great weekend, I know I have a ton of things going on. I’ll see you all again Monday! 😀 😀


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