Waiting… & Rainbow 6

Hey Everyone!

I am growing more and more irritated as I type. To help get our loan going I need to get a hold of my transcripts from the last school I attended. This would be fine, if the lady I need to talk to would call me back…. I called early this morning trying to catch her before she got busy, no luck. I called again at around 10am since I’m anxious, want my stuff, and don’t want to wait all damn day, no luck. I left her a voice mail and told her to call me when she got the message as well. It has been another three hours and she hasn’t called me still. I have been wasting my day waiting for her to call me. Some of you may think she might not be there, but she is. I asked if she was so I know haha. I know who she is and she is scattered like me in some ways. I went to my four year college with her, we and the same major. I wish that someone else would get them for me, or that they could get her to come help me out. Shes not a teacher, but she does run around  bit, but I also know she is in her office quite a bit as well. I don’t know, I am just getting annoyed I don’t want to have to phone tag with her for days. I also want to get the information to my bank in a timely manner so that we can get this all over with.

Anyway enough about that. I have been playing a lot of Rainbow 6: Siege lately and its addicting as all hell. I would say that it is the best looking, most realistic FPS out there to date. There are some things that make is less realistic but they can be over looked since the rest of the game is that good. The only other grip I have about it is that to unlock the new operators the price is outrageous. I know it is a tactic to get people to spend more real money on the game, but for those people who don’t want to it is about impossible to unlock anything else in the game because all you can do is save currency in game for the new ops. Sorry for the long sentence. Tonight I will be playing again, but this time I won’t be alone. My Canadian friend, IGN: Rawnii, will be joining me. I would also like my old college roommate, IGN: Nox, to join us as well. This of course if he isn’t busy. It is only a 5v5 game so having three or more people is really a good thing to have.

Also regarding the game I found a really good You Tuber who goes into detail and ranks the operators on a 1-10 scale based on three different categories. His name is GavinAcity. The link to his channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCunHHVL0bJldWvDDJzN5C7g . If you are looking on his page for that section it can be found under his playlists. It is named “Operator School”. I have watched most of them, since I have been stuck in my office all day waiting for that phone call….. Check him out if you are interested.

Thank you for stopping in today. If you want to play R6 with me my UPlay name is ” Mandrake”. I’ll see you all tomorrow, have a great day! 😀 😀


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