Almost Forgot!

Hey Everyone!

I almost forgot to post today, I’ve been super busy.

As you know we are working on closing on a house. I was contacted by our bank with somethings to read over and sign. It took forever and I wanted to make sure I was doing it right so that took more time as well. I did finish what I could do here at work, but I have to instantly go home and do some more.

I also got to replace some PCs today at work and finish setting up my new one. I have been catching up on some YouTube channels like Philip DeFranco, Casey Neistat, and other small Tubers. My day has gone by fast, which is a good thing because it was also productive.

Since this is a shot post I’ll show you a picture of what our future home will look like:


The inside is super nice as well. Thanks for stopping by! 😀 😀


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