House & Blood Drive

Hey There Everyone!

We are closing in on getting a house! We are going to meet with the realtor today at about 4 pm. We have an accepted offer and are moving forward. This is all super new to us and we are excited to get it all done with and be in a space of our own. I am anxious to see what all the payments will be, I’m not a fan of not knowing certain things. One of them being prices and costs of items. It is a house on the North side of town just by the outskirts. It is small but they use the basement and attic space so it seems much larger. There is a deep one stall garage and a decent back yard. We were looking for a bigger yard and maybe a two stall garage but this will work well. It is a 4 bed, 2 bath house which is great. the best part is that the house is finished. There is no need for anything other than paint on the inside, for now. We would like to fence in the yard and maybe pave the driveway but who knows.

I gave blood today at work. We have a local blood bank come every so often and I make sure to go every time. Knowing that you can single handedly save three lives just by donating is a great feeling. I have been donating since high school pretty regularly. So that is about 10 years now. I had it timed just right so when I got done it would be time for lunch haha. My planned worked amazingly.

I just received two new PC here at wok and need to get working on them. One will be replacing my own. Hopefully nothing goes wrong. I don’t think it will and I don’t think it will effect my posting but in case you don’t hear from me I may have blown everything up haha.

Again I am leaving work early to work with our realtor so this is a quicker post. If you have any advice for us as we move forward in buying a house it is welcomed. I’ll be sure to see you all tomorrow. šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€


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