Drawing Contest & Today

Hey Everyone!

First I would like to start off by posting my picture of food art for Riley’s contest. If you would like to enter as well click the link and read the rules. https://rileysbackpack.com/2016/10/12/rileys-backpack-food-art-contest-2/ . Anyway here is my quick food art drawing I did at work lol :


That should do the trick 😀 .

Back to my day. I have been side tracked with everything today. I also have to go look at two houses tonight and go to a Masonic third degree tonight. I won’t even be home to sit down until 10 pm BLAHHHH. I have been looking up how to make a meat smoker in hopes that the house I do get has a yard that can be used for building certain items.

One thing I messed with or a bit today was the “Games Tool” for Samsung phones and tablets. I wanted to see how it all worked and upload a few things to YouTube. Well It seems to work great when you have the device turned to the side. Even with the resolution at 1920×1080 it won’t fill the window if you have your device standing vertically. It has options for a front facing camera and mic, so you can record your own audio and video right in the app. This would be nice and I think a bunch of people did it with Pokemon Go. Again the only issue is if you play vertically you will have yucky black bars on your YouTube video. I noticed, for some reason, the video quality was diminished when you recorded horizontally but it did fill the video window. So there is a give and take it seems. You can always record and then use editing software to impose your video on a live video of yourself with commentary but that seems like a lot of work haha. I just wanted to see how it would stack up to other editing software. For being on a mobile phone it holds it’s own that is for sure.

Back to the house thing. My wife and I looked at one last night that wasn’t the best. Tonight we are looking at two more. I really hope one of them is the one we want. I am growing tired of this search. Every house will have it’s compromises but we need to settle on one here soon. We also have to consider the cost to furnish one if it comes empty (which most do). We are looking at one that is $150,000 and $126,000 tonight. one is in town and the other is out on 2 acres of land. There are things with each I know I already don’t like but it is whether or not it will be a deal breaker. We like the one story living option so the one with land is more appealing to me. She would agree but the house in town needs zero work and have a full second bathroom, instead of a half bath. Gah I don’t know what we are going to do haha. I’ll keep you posted.

That is all for today, thanks for reading! I’ll see you all tomorrow. 😀 😀



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