Work Thoughts

Hey Everyone!

I have been moderately busy today which is nice. Our company has been slow this past year and a half. We are in the Manufacturing and Transportation industry so the supply and demand goes through phases. We cater to tanker trucks, in regards to their lights and light kits, manholes, and different valves. I’m in the IT department so I’m not really messed up by a down turn but when they started laying people off I felt the pressure since I have only been here about two years.

The good news is that for now anyway, some of the people that were laid off last have come back and it isn’t because the lay off time was up, it was due to increased orders. YAY US! I guess they have had worse down turns than this but this one was one of the worst. We laid off about 40 people this past year, and again thankfully they didn’t come in to the offices they kept it all in the shop. I hope we pick up and stay up for a while. The last thing I need on my mind is a worry of being let go from a good company.

Today at work we have a road crew working on a gas line and a tree company taking down some trees. It is pretty noisy around here. I have managed to put out a few metaphorical fires anyway. Soon we will be adding a new server and upgrading our domain level to a Windows Server 2012 R2 status. This coming from a Windows Server 2008 level. We will also be adding virtualization for the first time within the company to reduce the later need for more hardware. I have my October PCs ordered so when they come I’ll be setting them up. Oh speaking of that, I will be swapping my PC when that happens, so I’m not sure if that will effect my posting ability. I would hope that everything goes well and in that case I should be fine. Although now that I think about it I haven’t got the requisition back yet so I hope they got ordered. I’ll have to check  haha. I try to keep track of what I spend each year in a spreadsheet. I am on track to spend about 25,000 on PCs and stock alone this year, which is comparable to last years total so I’m good with that. If that sounds like a lot it really isn’t when you take in to consideration that they will buy one CNC lathe for $250,000 lol.

We are going to look at another house tonight so wish us luck we need something fast! Well I best get back to work, thanks for stopping by. I’ll see you tomorrow! 😀 😀


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