My GTA-V Garage (Since The Update)

Hey Everyone!

I hope your Tuesday went faster than mine did lol.

I have been trying to check out the GTA-V bike update since it came out on the 4th. I touched on it a bit before so I’ll follow up with it now. The MCs seem to be just like the CEO thing like I suspected. That isn’t good. That means that everytime I play with my friends they have to re-add me to their club and what not to do missions. It would be nice if you could make it an extension of your main group. The settings should save is the main take away and they don’t grrr.

I sold my Benny’s Custom, Sabre Turbo for $650,00 and some change. I picked up three bikes from the update. No I couldn’t afford the Hakuchou Drag haha I wish I could. I did get to drive the one my buddy got and damn its fast. The one I wanted next was the Western Zombie Chopper and I got it fully upgraded and it looks like this:

GTA-V 1.png


It sounds mean and is a beast. I picked a cool livery for it and a nice vintage seat. Next I had to buy the trike! It is professionally named the Nagasaki Chimera. I wasn’t able to up grade any thing other than the exhaust and paint yet but it looks sweet:

GTA-V 3.png

As a word of caution if you don’t like the wheels too bad, because you can’t change them. But other than that this is is the most fun to drive and will turn a lot of heads. I can’t wait to get this thing fully loaded. Lastly I couldn’t see all these bikes and not get the Pegassi Faggio Mod moped. I was only able to upgrade the lights, mirrors, antenna, and spare tire. And here is what she looks like:


(sorry if this picture is different my post just went all wacky)

Sooooo, did I mention that I got lights and mirrors haha! I really want to max this baby out. It is already faster than I though it would be and I want to finish it so bad. I mainly do stunt races so I’ll hit those up this afternoon.

I was going to go into a few more things but I’m a bit scared that I’ll lose my stuff again so I’ll end here. Have a great hump day and I’ll see you tomorrow! 😀 😀


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