Tired Tuesday (Edit: This is post #100 woo!)

Hey Everyone!

Not much has gone on since yesterday. My wife and I did some house work and then made dinner. We had lasagna and homemade jalapeno poppers. We got the peppers over the weekend when we went to her grandpa’s house. He gave us such a large bag full that I have them bagged up and sitting in my company kitchen for people to take freely. I ran around town after that and destroyed some Enlightened fields in Ingress.

There will be a new game out that is also an augmented reality game. Check it out here It would be too much to explain: http://deltatgame.com/ It looks really cool. If you go to that link you can sign up for the alpha coming soon. I have been leaning between the Cosmo Stellar team and the Gene-X team. I feel like machines and humans don’t mix and that machines can be actively hacked into, this puts the other two groups out for me. The Cosmo Stellar is an American group and they want to keep humans human and move them to  Mars. This is similar to what they really are planning. And the Gene-X team wants to create stronger DNA for humans to be adaptable to about everything. Im note sure who I will pick yet. You also chose to be either a researcher, engineer, or a soldier. So this game gets pretty detailed.

We are going to look at another house, hopefully tonight, if not later this week. It isn’t in the location that we want, but it is nice. It would be a longer commute for both of us and it is on a main road. When we would have kids it would make sense for them to go to a pretty bad school. We would rather take kids with us and bring them to where we are now, if at all possible.

Speaking of school. Our county teachers are going on strike, starting this Thursday. It is a huge shame that they can’t get their shit together. They had an old plan to gradually pay our teachers more and it doesn’t seem to be working. Now they have been deliberating for 33 months and this is the week they have put their foot down. I’m glad I don’t have kids right this second because they would have no education this whole time and as a parent you would have to find something for your kids to do all day. Or you would have to find a sitter on next to no notice. I agree our teachers need more but I feel like the school board blew all the money on other stuff so they really don’t have the funds anymore. That is a crappy excuse but if it’s true where do they expect to get money for the teachers? Higher Taxes No Doubt! All because the school board handled things incorrectly.  All I know is that if we want to stay a decent city they have to figure something out, and fast.

GTA-V introduced their new bike gang update. You can join a garage of bikers, just like the CEO missions. There are like 15 new bikes and they are fun to drive and cool to look at. They offer more modification options and less physical restrictions in some ways. The update also came with a tweak to stock race cars livery options, and a new slipstream adversary  bike mode. Go check it out if you have the game.

Thats all for now have a great Tuesday! 😀 😀



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