Health Fair & House Search

Hey there!

So, yesterday my company provided a health fair. They did a weight and height check first and then pricked our fingers. They took a small sample of blood and threw it in a machine, to check our cholesterol. While they were waiting for that to process they checked our blood pressure.

My blood pressure was normal and so was my blood sugar. My cholesterol was high. I am missing some good cholesterol (HDL) and I have too much bad cholesterol (LDL) This really means that I need to eat better and exercise. To work on my weight a little bit I will cut out the carbs (breads and things) in my breakfast and I won’t snack and drink pop. That should help all around. During the winter months a few guys at work rent a gym and play basketball on Sundays. I will join them again this year and get some exercise that way. This all together should help my heath.

After the screening they had healthy snacks and drinks for everyone since we had to fast for 12 hours to get accurate readings. Then it was back to work as usual.

As far as the house search is concerned , we are hopefully looking at another house in a quiet neighborhood tonight. This is less move in ready but is at a much better price point. With hopefully only minimal work we could have it the way we want it. My wife is concerned with the size of the kitchen. I am worried about the floors under the ugly carpet and the wood paneling on the walls. These issues would come second to anything major like electrical or plumbing. The yard is big and mostly fenced in. We would almost just want another fence because this one may be too short, and our dog would leave.

Some of the other houses we have been looking at all just have really small bedrooms and are missing some other key features. I’ll keep you all posted.

That is all for today I guess, short and simple. I’ll see you tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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