Presidential Debate & Minecraft

Hey Everyone!

Unless you live in a different country or live under a rock. We here in the United States had our first Presidential debate last night. It was attempted to be moderated by Lester Holt from NBC. He did a good job considering all things. As most of you know the republican candidate is Donald Trump, who has no political experience and the democratic candidate is Hillary Clinton, who has had plenty.


I’m not going to right about who is my favorite and push any view down your throats. I have a background in Sociology and like to take deeper looks in to the way the candidates behaved, spoke, reacted. Since I don’t need this to be the longest post in history I’ll just point out a few things I saw. I’m not sure how long slander and bad mouthing other candidates has been uses as a tactic, but I just find it tacky. Both have done it and it doesn’t make anything better in any way.

Hillary came off very poised last night. She was calm and collected. You could tell she has done her homework and you can tell his isn’t her first time in the political spotlight. She didn’t really attack Donald personally, except a bit for his non-released taxes, and new tax plan. She was using phrases such as “Trump loophole” and “Trumped-up.” There were times where you could see in her facial expressions and closed body language that she was shying away from a few questions and accusations. When she did speak it was in a confident fashion. She spoke more about helping the middle class directly and more about policy.

Donald started well, and held some sort of composure most of the debate. He strayed a few times and did his fair share of interrupting. People knew he would do this and so did Hillary. By letting him interrupt and holding her tongue while he spoke made her look like the more calm candidate. Donald knows what his plans are but just doesn’t have the experience in the political limelight. This creates a situation where he has trouble articulating what he is trying to get across. This doesn’t necessarily make either one of them a better choice. It just shows who is more versed in public speaking. He was confident in all of his words. He seemed a bit to defensive when he got pushed into a corner on some issues. He would just state that the accusations were “wrong.” He took a few shots on Hillary personally regarding her trade deals, and her deleted e-mails. Donald is a big fan of using his hands and arms to talk and that can be a good and a bad thing. Some times it helps prove your point and other times it can be very distracting. Donald spoke more about cutting taxes like Ronald Regan and helping the wealthy to create more jobs. He wants to run the company more like a business.

Overall, differences aside, at the end of the night they both agreed that if the other candidate won that they would support them. This is just a nice way to tie things up. You know damn well that they really don’t like each other, and won’t support each other in really anyway after the election.

Ok enough about that mess. I have been busy on my server. I have created a better place o keep my animals:


Here you can see my raised chicken coop and the other four stalls. Here is the under side of the raised coop:


The chickens sit on carpet. Under the carpet are hoppers and chests. This will collect all the feathers and eggs that drop from the chickens. This makes for easy collection. Here is another angle or it all :


This was pretty major in itself, but I also followed this video by MumboJumbo’s YouTube channel. . It is a great video on making an automatic tree farm. I made the whole thing and closed in the collection side with obsidian. Check it out:


The first picture is where all the wood stacks up and gets stored it moves over every time it hits the un-movable wall. The second shows where you plant the saplings and start the process. It detects when a tree grows and pushed it out and crushes the leaves in the process. There are hoppers under the machine that feed into the chests in the front. This will collect saplings for future use. It is a really neat machine, don’t for get to check it out.

Feel free to comment about the debate or Mincecraft down below guys, don’t be shy 😉

That is all for today. I hope you all have a great Tuesday! I’ll see you all tomorrow. 😀 😀


6 thoughts on “Presidential Debate & Minecraft”

  1. My youngest brother LOVES LOVES LOVES Minecraft, omg. LOL this post made me laugh when I thought of him. Whenever I visit, he always wants me to play along and I have yet to understand the plot or point to this video game. I love video games, but I play more RPG games than anything and well, this game goes over my head.



    1. Lol, thanks for the comment. There really doesn’t seem to be a plot. I suppose the point, depends on the game mode of the server. Some are just to build creative structures, some are set to a hardcore survival setting, and others are PvP where you hunt down and fight other players. It is unique in that every world is randomly generated and can be expandable. It is also a game that can be modded in most any way you could think of without breaking any “Terms of Service.”

      Lately I’ve been playing GTA V, Rainbow 6: Siege, Rocket League, and Overwatch. Each one is pretty different but they are all super fun, once you get the hang of it haha.

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      1. Hmm, I think we played on server where I had to avoid zombies, and spiders, etc, build homes to hide in and accomplish side menu items (build a table, build a bed, etc) It was very weird for me, since I felt like I was not really doing anything meaningful, but I will admit, it has a some of the same qualities as my RPG games because you have free rein over the map and what you do in it. He loves the mods, that is all he mentions, the new mods, I am just like.. doesn’t some of these mods ruin the gameplay at all, and he said “no”, not if you know what you are doing.
        For someone his age (8) it seems like a good game to keep his mind jogging and it gives him a way to be creative, so I like that.

        My other brother (21) and I grew up playing the games with certain objectives, missions, and reasons behind why we do things. LOL. He likes playing grand theft auto, I like it too though when I am doing missions and making use of my time. LOL

        I have been playing Skyrim and Final fantasy lately, although I have been playing skyrim for years and still haven’t beat the whole game (including the side quest) lol.


      2. Ya the draw with Minecraft is that it can be simplistic in a real world that is heavily based on intricate details.

        There are a few mods where you can combine certain items to create things like jet packs and bio fuel for machines, so some can be quite complex.

        I was introduced to FPS video games in college and that hooked me hard, but since I have been able to branch out and like all genres.

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