Wedding Weekend

Welcome Back Everyone!

If feels like it has been a long time since I posted last, just because I didn’t have a post for Friday. We will just jump right into it.

Friday I left work early to go home and pack for the wedding that my wife and I were going to. We left about mid afternoon, back to our old college town. This was were the wedding was being held. We were glad to get away from family and pets for the weekend. We booked a room at a local Comfort Suites. We are pretty sure that we didn’t get the room that we booked. We bought and paid for a suite and seemingly just got a normal room with a king bed. That was ok, we could handle it. After checking in we headed to the venue for the rehearsal. Again, reason being that my wife was one of the bridesmaids. The rehearsal went smoothly and we headed to a local brewery for dinner. They had a decent sized vegan buffet for everyone. I am in no way a vegan but some of the food they had there was really good. I kind of regret not getting any good pictures of the food or the wedding venue. I’ll find you a good one from google 😉


This is the barn that held the reception at the same place. The rest of the yard is a garden and that is where they got married. One more, major thing popped up before Friday night ended. For me it kind of spiraled my ideal weekend out of control. My wife had all the bridesmaids write a letter to the bride. Well she remembered late Friday night that she left one back home over an hour and a half away. She wanted to give them to her in the morning. I got a hold of my parents and they agreed to meet us half way with the letter Saturday morning. We made our way back to the hotel and I decided to check in on the pool and hot tub, since I planned on spending my whole day in there until the wedding. Again, spiral, the hot tub was down for maintenance. DOH! This wasn’t looking good for me.

Saturday came and my wife went to get her hair done. I had woken up with splitting headache. I stayed in bed until she got back. We then had to get in the car and rush down to meet my parents. We picked up the letter and came back. I dropped my wife off at the venue and went back to the hotel. Finally, a chance to hangout and try to get rid of my headache. This was a great idea until my wife calls me and asked if she forgot her bra, which she did. So as I was getting comfortable I got up and got dressed again. I brought it to her and at this point I didn’t really even want to go to the wedding.

I showered twice and got my headache to subside. I made it o the wedding. It was nice and sunny with a slight breeze. It was a quick but nice ceremony. One thing that stood out was that they made a “Unity” PB&J instead of sand or a candle. That was neat. We retired to the tents behind the barn and waited for the bridal party to get pictures. I met up with my wife’s family and caught up with them a bit. Dinner came and it was good. They had it catered by a BBQ restaurant in the area. We had BBQ chicken and pulled pork, with corn bread muffins, potatoes, and mac and cheese. They had a good DJ and the reception lasted another six hours.

The next day we got up and ready to go. We had to be out of the hotel by 11am. They had a minimal breakfast each morning that was nothing special, but it was food. We got our stuff and didn’t feel like we relaxed at all the whole weekend. We got home and finished up some house work that we ignored. Over all I’m glad we went, it was nice, and we did end up having a pretty good time. Some things didn’t go our way but we did the best with the situations that arose.

I hope you all had a great weekend. If you did anything exciting feel free to let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear about it. I” be seeing you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀




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