Sad News, Rainbow 6, & Weekend

Hey Everyone.

I hate to start this post off on a sad note but I must. My brother and his fiance had a 10 year old Boxer named Grady and they had to put him down yesterday. 😦 My brother text me after work and asked for my help to go with him and deal with it all. His health was worsening and he had something wrong with his back and hips. I just saw him Monday and thought to my self that it may be the last time I see him. Sadly I was right. They knew right along that he wouldn’t make it to or through the winter so it was coming no matter what but it still stinks. After he was put down my brother and I drove him to her dads house to be buried in their pet cemetery. I was doubly hard for me to see my brother shaken up by it all , since he doesn’t usually show that kind of emotion. On a better note he is not in any kind of pain any more and my brother and his fiance have a new baby girl to keep them occupied.

Totally switching gears, I did indeed go play Rainbow 6: Siege when I was home. I ran through half of the training “Situations” and found that there is a lot to this game. I was able to meet up with my buddy and play some multiplayer games with him. As a first person shooter veteran I must say that I suck! There are more elements to this game than any fps I have seen in a long time. I like the game but I don’t know the maps or the Operators. Once I know those better I’ll love it. Oh ya! When I get more than 1 kill per game I’ll be much happier haha. I was able to unlock five different Operators and mods for two loadouts. I would love to play it again tonight but I have a prior commitment to play D&D with some other nerd friends of mine. I have to say I’m not very fond of D&D, it is too slow paced for me and kinda dumb.

My weekend as you probably have guessed is busy and packed full of stuff to do. Thus keeping me from doing things I want to do. Tonight it will be D&D for an estimated four hours. Saturday I will again be helping my wife take photos of a wedding around the area. It will be all day and very hectic. Just like that It will be Sunday and we have some house work and cleaning to do.  We are still hopefully going to look at that house again Monday. I still haven’t heard back from the realtor. I am kinda torn on the house. I love that we would have the space that we do, but it may almost be too big. I has a yard but not a big one like we kinda wanted. It has a garage and I hope it would have enough space for other things besides just two cars. We ideally wanted a house out side of town and this house is smack dab in the downtown historical district. Lastly I am weary of getting attached to it because it is over 100 years old and have haven’t gotten an inspection yet. We will just have to wait and see if we can get it a clean bill of health and get it for a steal of a deal.

That’s all for now, I’ll see you again Monday afternoon! 😀 😀


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