Truck, Football, and Home Buying?

Hey Everyone!

I left work at noon yesterday to work on my truck some more. I was able to get spark plugs and spark plug wires from Auto Zone. I went home and with out a jack and jack stands had one hell of a time replacing the wires. I did manage to get it all done in the few hours I had to work with. Not everything went well, I ended up ripping the old wires in half trying to get the out haha. So that really made me feel some pressure to get the new ones in, or I wouldn’t have had a car to drive today. I wans’t

*Pause while I helped “re-decorate” a co workers office with post its*

Hmmm not sure where I was going with the first two words of that last sentence so forget that was even written. πŸ˜‰

I had to order my cold air intake, and to my surprise I is here already. I will be picking it up today after work and putting that in tonight. I will hopefully remember to snap a picture or two so I can show you tomorrow.

The Steelers played the Redskins last night, and with most of my family being Steelers fans we were able to go to my brother’s house and watch the game. Having a new baby and all it was easier for them to have us over. It was a good game to watch and I love seeing the Redskins lose as a Dallas fan.

Today brought some excitement and stress. My wife told me to go ahead and start the process of putting in an offer on a house. It is a huge 3500sqft house. It is in the historical district of our city. It isn’t out of town and has a smaller yard but what it lacks there is made up for in the hugeness of the house. It is over 100 years old but very well built. We are going to meet up with the realtor again Monday I think. It is exciting and scary at the same time. I just want to know that if we get it that we can afford everything. I hope it moves fast and slow at the same time lol. The faster we can move in the better and the slower we get hit with expenses the better. I need to acclimate myself a bit.Β  I will keep you updated there as well.

I’ll see you all again tomorrow. I have some PC work to do now, byeee.Β  πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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