Minecraft Server Up! XD

Hey everyone.

I adjusted the dynamic DNS information, and am now proud to say that the server is up, running, and ready to be played. The address is m1n3cr4ft.ddns.net


As you can see it is version 1.10.2 and will only work on 1.10 clients. Please feel free to hop in the server and begin your survival experience! I know there might be a couple of you from the blog that would like to join, and I know of a few local kids that would like to as well. Also if there is anything that is an issues feel free to let me know so I can correct it if at all possible.

This is the first real server that I have ever had up and running, and it feels good. I hope to see you there.

Tiny side notes:

My wife and I have some friends coming into town tonight for family photos. It will be nice to catch up with them a bit and see their kids. We are also still planning on going to the craft festival on Saturday. I’ll be sure to let you know if we come home with anything cool. Speaking of coming home, we are very actively looking for a house again since we got approved for an amount that should let us get what we want. It is all very exciting and will keep us busy. It is a huge step buying a house, and we want to do it right and do it once if we can. It will be scary adjusting to all the new payments and rules. WE will hash it all out when we need to though. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you Monday! 😀 😀


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