Some Updating

Hey There!

Good news, I don’t think I am sick. My glands still seem swollen but I still feel fine. I went to the dentist yesterday and had a cavity filled. It was done perfectly well. Where I had an issues was that when I got home and was getting ready for my Masonic meeting the Novocain wore off, as it does. To my surprise the whole left side f my jaw hurt. I can only think that the Hygienist was putting some weight down on my jaw while she was using some of her tools of the trade. It Still hurts today over 24 hours later so I know its not from the simple cavity being filled. It made for a somewhat miserable night. It is still hard to open my mouth to eat.

The degree work that we did for my cousin’s 2nd degree in Free Masonry was fun though. I held a couple different positions throughout the night. I really enjoy the degree work, it is amazing how organized the whole thing is. The people doing more of the conferring of the degree have so many words memorized it blows my mind. We had a nice BLT dinner served to us beforehand and apple/pumpkin pie afterwards. My grandfather has been coming into town to see my cousins degree work. His last degree is unofficially going to be on a Saturday in October so we can have all of my family, who are Masons, be present. Our lodge will now have 6 of us!

The last thing I have to update you on is the Minecraft server. I have pretty much everything ready. I won’t be able to route the domain so I will have to just use a dynamic DNS address instead. I registered a host with No-IP and all that will be left to do is modify the client on the server when I get home. That will be priority #1. I hope tomorrow I can tell you all that it is up and running and give you the address. I hope to see a couple people join and say “What’s Up”. Again it is a survival server, but not on a hard level. If you have kids or teens that like to play and want a friendly server, they can join. It is very G rated. I’m pretty excited to let people know about it. I haven’t got anything huge planned but its just going to be nice to be able to give out the information. On a similar note, now I’m stuck with a domain and no use for it. Since it it Minecraft related I may try to make it some sort of landing page.

I will be having Mexican for dinner with my wife. We also haven’t found out what we are pre-approved for so that better hurry up, because I’m losing patience. I hope kyou have a great Thursday and I’ll see you all tomorrow! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€


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