End of Softball & Weekend

We made it to Friday yet again, a congratulations is in order.

I don’t have anything spectacular planned for this weekend but this one just feels deserved. Today after work I was asked by my co-worker to help him get drywall with my truck. His family is out of town for the day and he wants to take that opportunity to work on finishing his basement project. We will pick up six or so sheets of drywall to finish up his walls. It doesn’t hurt that he offered some beers as a thank you. I told him I’d help him, no problem. My wife is going this evening to meet up with our next bride to be, to go over schedules and check out the reception place. I think it may all be held in a somewhat local park.

Saturday, I have known for a while that I have a softball tournament. It is about 30 minutes away. It is all day Saturday, starting at 8:45am and going until it is over. Most times it is a one pitch tournament, meaning you start with a full count to speed up the games. This is because they only have one field and too many teams. It adds a different playing style when that happens. Our team won the whole thing last year. We played six games in one day! This is the last tournament for me this season. I’m kinda glad it is over because it has been a long year. But, to make it suck a little we have the first game….at 8:45am…..30 minutes away. I will have to leave my house tomorrow by 7am to get there and warmed up. That makes for an early morning, and potentially a long, long day.

Sunday i don’t have any real plans to do anything, but I feel like I should go do something fun for myself and possibly my wife. I’m thinking an Ingress trip up North. Maybe, we can stop at the mall up there to satisfy my wife a bit too haha. I’ll try working on the Minecraft server domain issues this weekend as well. Speaking of that I finished my tower and then found out my profile got all jacked up. I ended up blowing it away completely and re working it. I thought it was the Mob Spawner that was doing it but it wasn’t. As another side note I hope we get the pre-approval letter today that would make the weekend ten times better. If not we would most likely get it Monday, which would be a good start to the week.

I hope you all have a great rest of the day and a great weekend. 😀 😀


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