Slow Day At Work & Minecrafting

Good afternoon all!

I am a little later than usual today but only because I have been caught up in building in Minecraft. Work has been slow. I still have things that I do everyday and things that keep me busy but in that downtime I turn to Minecraft. I got into work today and instantly started the que for the 2b2t server. It is the oldest known server in Minecraft, and has multiple hour waits to get in unless you buy access. (Which I didn’t) I get to work early enough that I am about 150th in que and it will take a little over an hour to get in. I tried yesterday morning and missed it. I was doing banking stuff and talking to my wife and in the mean time I joined the server and got kicked due to inactivity. I was mad because it was the first time I had ever been in. Well today I was ready. I was getting in and I was going to play. I waited my typical hour, checking in periodically. I finally saw the number dip below 10th in line and I watched intensely. I did it! I finally got in. That would be the great start to an amazing day of Minecraft, if I didn’t almost instantly lag out and get DC’d. :/ :/ I wasn’t able to do a damn thing….again. Once I hopped back in que I was in 200th position and that wasn’t worth it to me.

As far as building today I have done well. I build a mob spawning farm by my place and have a few pictures of it for you as well as the twited tower I am building with the help of MccCrafting’s YouTube channel:

Here is the tower beside the mob spawner.



This is a picture of how I collect all the things the spawner drops. It is a series of rails with mine cart with a hopper going and grabbing all of it. It drops the items in to a hopper and then a chest at the end, near the bottom right of this picture.mine38


Lastly this is inside the spawner. It is four layers of packed ice with dispensers that push out water every few seconds. The mobs fall off the ice and die from the fall. mine39


That is a about all I have for you guys today. I need to get that domain issue working and then I’ll be good to go and put the server out there for public use. I hope you all make it through your Thursday, and I’ll talk to you all tomorrow. 😀 😀


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