Server Update & Pre-approval

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

August has come and gone. We will soon be in the midst of the fall season. I can’t wait for hoodie weather. My server is what I would like to talk about for a moment. I had a break though in one of the two areas that have been holding me back. I was looking closely over the server properties configuration file, and noticed that there was inherently a spawn protection setting. I did a quick google search and found that it indeed would protect an area around spawn to the number that you set. It was, by default, at 16 but I changed it to 100. This means from the top to the bottom 100×100 blocks are now protected stemming from my set spawn point. I will happily check that off of my list of things to do. The last thing I have to work on is getting the domain routing correctly. I thought I also had that nailed down last night only to find that when I got to work this morning that I could not connect to it. 😦 I am not really sure why this is such a hard thing to do. I feel like people have done this a million times over again, but there is no clear documentation online about it. (At least not that I have seen) Anyway one step at a time and I will get it done. Soon. Soon. Soon. haha.

As far as the second half of my title, today is the real deal. Today my wife and I applied for a joint pre-approval for a house loan. I had applied myself two other times with just myself, to get a baseline. Well my wife is starting her career and was able to obtain a letter from the Human Resources department of her new employer. This letter states that she is a full time employee, her salary, and her start date. With this information we can proceed in the process of buying a home. We have lived with my parents for the last two years while she finished school and I got my feet under me. For this we are both grateful, but it is time to get out. We want/need a place of our own. We will be able to continue on to the next steps in life. We should be able to get approved for what we want and, with that amount we will be able to buy a house that we can live in for many years. Today is a good day, knowing we can get the ball rolling.

I hope you all have a great day and a great rest of the week. 😀 😀


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