GoDaddy, Minecraft, & Moving Forward

Hey Everyone!

I hope you are having a great Tuesday. I have been on multiple chats with reps about how to get my domain name for Minecraft to work properly. I have also been searching on my own. It still seems like something isn’t quit right. I have heard and seen mixed views on how to go about doing this. I simply want to have my domain to my ddns, and then go to my internal IP of the server. It sounds easy and should be, but it isn’t working lol. It works if I take out the ddns info, but the whole point is that I use ddns so I don’t have to keep changing my domains A record every three days. I at least know it does route and that it will work but I just have to find that perfect combination.

Leading right into the Minecraft update I still need to see if IĀ  have anyway of installing Worldguard to protect my dedicated spawn point. If I can’t figure that out in the time it takes me to get the domain issues figured out I will just tear down my spawn point and make people start in the wild. I have it now set up like you have seen in pictures. It is nice and safe. I have starter gear for everyone and a lit up area where no mobs will spawn. Without Worldguard there is no guarantee that people will leave that all alone, and most likely someone will grief it. I would tear it all down and let people fend for themselves. I can tell you however that I have places 4 very small 3x3x3 tiny houses down near spawn in all directions. These will be available to everyone as a place of shelter for a night as they move on and survive. So soon enough I’ll get it all going.

Moving forward in life, my wife accepted a job offer with a local agency. She has just finished with her Masters degree and will be perusing her career. This is exciting for multiple reasons. We will be able to grab a loan for a house hopefully sooner than later. She can finally say she is done with schooling and get that adult feeling. With dual incomes we can save for the future and maybe, just maybe start a family of our own. This opens the flood gates of opportunity. We have been waiting and waiting for over 25 years, and now we can finally take charge and do what we want when we want to. Of course we have bills, debt, and other payments but with those managed correctly we can still get things done. It will be nice to be able to use all the gifts we got for our wedding once we have a place for them. Here is a picture from our wedding day last year, enjoy:


Other than those quick updates, I have been working on a few file shares at work and oddly we had one of our Domain Controllers stop all services! Yikes. Thankfully it just seems like it just needed a restart. It is old and we will be replacing it this year I hope. We are thinking about going virtual.

Have a great day, and I’ll talk to you tomorrow!! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€


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