Hey Everyone!

I ran straight out of time yesterday to get a post out. This saddens me lol. I try to keep up the best I can with a full time job, but sometimes I just get super busy. I honestly didn’t remember until today that I forgot to post.

You didn’t really miss out on anything. My wife got home from visiting her mom who had hip surgery. She then quickly remembered she had a photo shoot to go to for someones senior pictures. She was gone most of the night, so I was just ho humming around the house. I played a few games but nothing hardcore.

I have been trying to figure out why my Minecraft server won’t redirect correctly with the domain I bought. It works at my house but not anywhere else. I’m not sure why that is. I have the server set to a static address, and the DDNS set up to work correctly. I then bought the domain and had the domain point to the DDNS info and set the A record to look for my static address of the server. I had it working with a cheapo domain and I switched it to the real one and now it won’t work :/

On top of that not working correctly, this morning I dropped connection to it here at work and thought maybe the power went out of the dog tripped the surge protector. I call my wife and she verified that everything was up and running. She wasn’t able to use it at the house either so I think I just have to reset the connection in general and restart the server. I hope that does the trick. I still haven’t figured out how to get Worldguard working wither. That and the domain are the last two things I need to have done before I open it up to the public.

I have been working on tiny house spots somewhat close to the spawn point. This would be for new comers to find and stay in for a night or two so that they don’t die in game. They have everything you would need except the food. you have the chests furnaces bed and other items. But they are small and hard to find so if you are lucky enough to find one treat it well. So I have some work to do to get it all running.

This weekend my wife and I are taking pictures at a roof top wedding venue. This will be the first time she has ever done a wedding. I am just going to help her get pictures of the guys getting ready. I am not by any means a photographer but I know the basics. I can get a good shot and have it in the right lighting. She will then work her magic on the pictures and they will be amazing. I just have to get the initial shots. I just bought her a new camera in August of last year and she had an old one. So there are plenty of cameras to go around. She did however rent a nice camera body for the wedding. It will be another jam packed weekend for us.

I hope you all have a great Hump Day, and I’ll see you tomorrow! 😀 😀


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