Monday Drag

Hey Everyone!

As you know I had a softball tournament this last weekend. It didn’t really go as planned, which is a little disappointing. Overall it was still a good weekend with good friends and family.

We had our first game at 6pm on Friday night. This was by far our worst game. We got ten runned in the 5th inning. I only got to hit twice and they may have been the worst two hits of the entire season. I was initially very mad at myself. It carried on until the next morning. I just had a sour taste in my mouth. I had let my team down by not doing my part and I didn’t live up to my own individual standards.

The next day I woke up hopeful. At this point I took the stress off myself and had a “what happens happens” attitude. Once I did that I no longer felt like I was trying too hard, which was probably my issue the day before. We played a local back team, on one of the local baseball fields. So that meant that there wasn’t going to be any ball his out of the park. I got up four times that game and did really great. I hit a deep ball over the center fielders head and got an in the park home run. The next time I was up I hit a hard grounder through shortstop and third. The third time I hit a one hopper to the fence in left field, for another in the parker. As a wise decision by the other team, my fourth time up they walked me intentionally. This was the only game we won, and was by far the best game we could have played.

The last game was later Saturday evening. It was against a team that shouldn’t have even been in out division. They were a group of kids that had a regular Sunday team and they just added a sponsor. None of the guys worked at the place, which in an industrial tournament is a must. Either way we played and lost by a couple runs. Our fielding fell apart a bit, but we also weren’t hitting very well. I got up three times and didn’t do anything significant. That game ended out tournament.

We had catered meals all weekend thanks to our company. Good food and cold drinks are things you can’t beat during a hot softball weekend. My family came back down to the fields the next morning at 8am because my little brother’s team was still in the tournament. They did lose their game against the city cops but they did fairly well.

Now I just feel sore and older than I am lol. I will take it easy the next day or two. My wife was gone all weekend at a bachelorette party and bridal shower. She will be home tonight and I can’t wait to see her. It is weird being home alone for a couple nights.

I hope you all have a great week, and I’ll talk to you tomorrow! 😀 😀


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