The Weekend Is Here

Well, not exactly. I am still at work for three more hours. Also, happy Friday! You made it. I made it.

Tonight is the night. We have our first game of the tournament at 6pm tonight. It is against a team from the company that my mom works at. So there will be a lot of people that we all know. The first night is fun because everyone comes out and supports their company.

We had batting practice again last night and there were already a ton of tents up and RVs. People stay here all weekend and eat, sleep, and breathe softball. Our Industrial Men’s bracket we have 12 teams in total, so two more than the other day. If we win two games we are guaranteed to play on Sunday. I looked at the bracket and we only have two games Saturday, regardless of how we do tonight. But again if we lose twice we are out. I would like to get at least 4 games in to feel good about it all.

I put more pressure on myself than I should. It is still fun but I have a feeling of obligation. People look to me to hit home runs and crush the ball. Most times I can deliver, but there is always that chance that I won’t. I don’t like letting teammates, or anyone, down. I know they won’t care too much, but I seem to care more than I should. All I can do is go out there like any other tournament and play my best.

This year I think I am going to be pitching. I hope that I don’t get hurt, from someone hitting a line shot right back at me. With the ball coming in sooo slow people can generally put the ball where they want. Most people don’t every try to hit it right up the gut, out of respect to the pitcher. But to win the game all bets are off. Anything can happen. It is just a short distance from the mound to the plate. My reaction time is great but I will have to stay vigilant. It can take some time to pitch the ball and get back in a defensive position.

That will be my weekend, I hope you all have a great weekend as well. 😀 😀


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