Minecraft Update

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

I am kinda swamped with work today, which is welcomed. That being said I’ll just post some pictures of my continued work on the Minecraft Server spawn point.

First I made a big compass right outside spawn. It is made of black wool and Glow Stone.



Next here I have a roof over the top of the spawn point. It is made of Stone Brick, Glow Stone, and Nether Brick. mine34


Here is the inside so far. I have added 8 dispensers with starter gear for the people who will eventually join when I open the server. mine35


Lastly for now I have the word “Survive” on the two walls since it is a survival server.



Before I can open the server to anyone I have to get worldguard working and also figure out how to attach my domain name to the ddns address.

That is all I have for today. I’ll Talk to you all tomorrow. 😀 😀


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