Softball & Minecraft

Good Tuesday afternoon everyone!

Tonight after work I have softball practice for the upcoming Industrial Tournament. The next day I will be working out with my brother. The day after that I have another softball practice. On Friday, you guessed it the day after that, I have the first day of the tournament. We have our first game against another local company at 6:00pm on the main field. This will kick off our tournament career. We will play as long as we can in this double elimination tourny.

We will, by default, make it to play on Saturday as we will only have one game Friday. Last year we played 5 games if I’m not mistaken. We lost two and won three, games of course. It is a little nerve wracking to be playing the team we are first, because they are generally pretty good. I don’t want to have our team get their hopes down and have to play to stay alive all day Saturday. It is imperative that we win this first game. That way we can come in the next day refreshed and with a positive attitude. I know for a fact we have better players than we did last year so I hope we go even farther in the tournament. Anything less would still be fun but unacceptable.

As far as the Minecraft Server update, I did work last night. I install the forge mod server for starters. I then added the worldedit and worldgaurd mods. I also installed the forge client on my work and home PC so that I can use the worldedit mods. These mods will allow me to have full control over the in game world. I am currently making a default spawn location and later I will lock it down with worldgaurd so that no one can destroy it. I won’t have a ton of rules but I just wanted a starting point. I am debating on handing out some starter gear since it is a survival server and all. I don’t want people to just leave spawn and die night one. Here is what I have so far:


Above I have a front view of the spawn area along with the ground I cleared for spawn.



And here I have the inside of spawn. Everyone will spawn on that middle piece of Glow Stone and be able to leave through the doorway. I still have to add the corner towers, and finish it all up. I still have to finish the floor as well. I went with the gold, diamond, and emerald circle look. the inside is white wool. I will protect this area with worldgaurd when I am done with it.

That is all I have for you today. I’ll see you all tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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