Long Minecraft Update

Hey Everyone!

I said before that I next planned on making an underwater home. Well….I did that…and I made another home just as an underground spot. Each is somewhat large and was fun to make. Giving credit where credit is due, I took the advice of YouTuber, TheNeoCubest. His page can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheNeoCubest . He currently uploads great tutorials and is fun and easy to listen to. I will break this post into two sections, one for each house. First I will cover the under water build.

First thing first, I build at the bottom of my water source with a sky/water light at the top. The rest of the build is under that in a + like pattern with 4 additional wings. Posted below are two pictures of the sky/water light.


Next I’d like to let you know how to get into this house. You climb down a ladder from the floor of my main house. This leads to a nice brick hallway that splits into two, each part going to each of the houses I built. So the next picture is the view as you open the door to the water build. It is the storage and smelting area.


Once you get to the middle of the room, where I have Glow Stone under glass, you look left to my Nether Wart farm and brewing area. There is Glow Stone above Soul Sand, and brewing stations at the end with an endless water supply in the back right. Pictured below.


Circling counter clockwise from this wing and straight across from my storage area, is the Enchanting Table area. This had bookshelves all around for the full effect and Glow Stone to light the way. It also have two anvils and book and paper dispensers. Lastly you can never have enough storage.


Continuing counter clockwise we have the bed room. It has two beds, a night stand, over head storage, bookshelves, and Glow Stone lights.


This completely wraps up the under water build. it have brick walls with iron block floors and is a decent size. It is more of an end game build since you are using a lot of Glow Stone and other “expensive” items. Now on to the under ground build. Similar to the under water build it is on the same level of depth but rather be under water it is just under ground. This one has 6 total rooms with a hallway in the middle. Where the path to the water build splits the other way leads to this build. Here is a picture of the main hallway for the under ground build.


To the left of the picture above we have the smelting room, with some storage, and anvils. There is a nice painting above the anvils.


Across the hall we have the Enchantment Table area. Very similar to the other build in that it have bookshelves all around it and is lit by Glow Stone.


Down the hall from the smelting room we have in the middle of the build a storage and crafting room. This features anvils again, crafting tables, and storage.


Across the hall from the storage area we have the bedroom, and entrance way. It consists of two beds, stone night tables, bookshelves, and Glow Stone light.


At the end of the hallway just past the storage and crafting area we have a Nether Wart farm. There is Glow Stone above the Soul Sand, used to grow the Wart. I have trap doors covering the sand for looks. At either end I have Ender chests and regular chests. At the end we have an endless water supply and 3 brewing stations.


Lastly, across the hall from the Nether Wart farm we have a regular farm area. There is a water block in the middle and for now I have wheat growing. The Glow Stone light is needed so that the plants will grow.


This concludes my two builds today. This last one had stone brick walls and a combined brick and iron block floor. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

As for the weekend I may try to catch the local fair going on through the weekend. the weather here is really crappy so who knows.

Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you Monday. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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