House Search & Mine Update

Hey Everyone!

Today my wife and I are going to go look at yet another house. We have been looking for about two years. We aren’t searching for any old house, but rather one we can stay in forever. Since we are currently living with my family we have the time to be picky. All of this is a good thing since my wife just finished her Masters program yesterday. We are hoping that in a month or two we will be able to get pre-approved for more than I could have alone and be able to find a house that is right for us. In the mean time we have been looking at houses that are more in my own price range, yet are still contenders for the forever home. The one that we are going to look at is a 3 bed, 1 bath with 2 half baths. Our house must have list includes: 3 bed, 2+ bath, basement, garage (2stall), a yard for gardening and kids, doesn’t need a ton of work, off the main road, and on the outskirts of town. It is again very picky but we have the time to be and want the right spot.

As for the Minecraft update, I have made a few more contraptions with the guidance of MrCrayfish and his YouTube channel:

His red stone creations are great. They may not be perfect but they work. I build a chicken, cow, and pig cooker/collector.ย  Each one is a little different. The chicken one is fully self sufficient, in that there are chickens laying eggs and you can shoot them out to the main area where they can be processed. They then fall in to a hopper and then a chest. That equals fresh cooked chicken and feathers.

The pig cooker requires you to go to the top and breed the full grown pigs. They sit at the top with a chest of carrots. You breed them and the babies fall into the main cooking area. You have to wait until the babies are full grown so that they can produce meat. The nice thing about this one is that if you do it with the babies in it it won’t hurt them since they are too short.

The cow cooker is very similar but I made it larger due to the fact cows are bigger. This required me to expand the pig build to fit cows. I just had to make it wider and work with the red stone paths. All three require the use of sticky pistons, red stone, torches, and normal building equipment. They also all use dispensers and hoppers.

The last thing I built was a bridge for the fun of it. I have pictures of everything below. Enjoy!


Each one is operated by the push of buttons. As I also forgot to mention they are build into a mountain so that they don’t protrude all weird. My next build will most likely include an under water shelter.

I hope you all have a great Thursday and carry on to Friday! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€


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