Thunder Nights

Hey everyone!

Last night I went to my camp site with my wife and got a little bit done. I was able to start working on the back wall, beside the fireplace. I didn’t really finish anything and the clouds were not favorable. After about an hour we decided it would be best to leave. Again there will be more updates on the site as progress is made.

On our way home we both received weather alerts on our phones. It was for heavy rain and flooding. As far as the local newspaper is concerned it will be raining for a week haha. We knew there were going to be storms and they get bad where we are because we are in a valley. Everything echos and echos. The sounds of thunder will shake your house, and did. My dog is afraid of that of course so we had to give her some doggy Valium. You would think this wold do the trick but not quite. She still wakes us up and is a huge pain in the ass. The storms went on all night long, and we both didn’t get any real sleep. I also woke up to find that my dick of a cat chewed through my phone charger….gah! So never the less, I have been able to make today a pretty good day.

We had lunch for a retired co-worker just a bit ago, and I have two PCs to replace today which will keep me busy until the days end.

I popped in to Minecraft a bit this morning and late last night to expand my land by leveling a mountain lol. I also experimented with sticky piston doors. The 9 year old that comes in and plays too was on last night after I was gone, and blew some stuff up, most likely creeper caused. She raged and left haha, so I was left to fix it all. It was ok and I know she didn’t do anything on purpose.

Later today I have to grab groceries for the next two weeks, and hopefully just go home and chill out.

Have a great hump day and I’ll see you all tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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