Short Entry

Hey Everyone!

I was planning on going out to my camp yesterday, but that plan fell through. My wife and I rented a movie a day or so ago and still didn’t watch it either. I settled for some Rocket League. I play a number of games and won most of them. They have a new ruble update coming so I will be excited to see how that all plays out.

Today at work I have set up two brand new PCs for people and watched a few YouTube videos. Some on daily news and others on Minecraft. I have been looking to expand the area that I am in, in game. This involves basically leveling a mountain. I did see something that I want to try though. Evantubehd has a YouTube channel and just used TNT towers to flatten areas and stays safe inside a room of bedrock. I may give this a try. I would like to head out to my camp again today, if everything works out correctly. It rained and I would love to see how my mud fire place held up, and get working on the walls. I’ll keep you all posted!

Enjoy the day! 😀 😀


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