Minecraft Indulgence

Hey Everyone!

I woke up today and was feeling pretty good. I got to work and remembered that my boss and co-worker wouldn’t be here today. On top of that it s a Friday during the summer. This combination means that no one is really at work. As far as IT support it may be a few simple quick fixes and that’s all, nothing major. (Fingers Crossed) So far so good.

I have literately been playing Minecraft since I got here.

**Of course as I say that I got pulled away for a half hour**

Anyway, I have made great progress in game. I made a large sky deck made of only glass. On it I made two Nether portals and a beacon. I will extend it via glass hallway to something else. I stocked up m animals and got two horses. I made them separate stables. I wanted to try my hand at a few other things as well so I made a rail system around the property. It works well. I have a few softball games to night so I’m not sure If I’ll be on tonight or not. I have been using the server I set up as my own, but the main reason I set it up was so that my co-workers 9 year old daughter could use it without having to be on a public server. So when I find the goods I make sure to share with her. This way when she logs in she get a surprise of good loot. That’s all for me today ejoy some nerd photos.



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