Softball Weekend

Hey There!

Tonight after work I have practice for our industrial softball tournament. It starts right after work and will probably take about an hour. We have just about the perfect sized team, consisting of 12 members. For this tournament there are four divisions. We will be in the ‘men’s industry’  division. This means that all of our players have to work for the company team they are on. There is a co-ed division, and then two open brackets as well. This will utilize the three main fields we use all summer and a couple others scattered throughout town. This tournament isn’t until the 19th but we have practice every Thursday until then. Our company always rents a pavilion and have food catered to the event. This is a big deal in our city and a ton of people come out to show support for their company. They have playgrounds for kids and it is right on the river.

Tomorrow after work is the co-ed tournament for the summer league. This is my brother’s team that I had been filling in on. I’ve come to find out that we have a double header tomorrow. One game will be at 6:30pm and the other will be right after at 7:45pm. It is a double elimination tournament. We will definitely win one of the two games, which will mean that we are guaranteed to play again on Saturday. If they don’t need me Saturday I may go back with my wife to see her family. If they do need me then that is where I will be. Softball is fun, and gets you outside. Besides video games, it is the only competition I have left in my life. I used to play sports and skateboard, and this is it now. It is fun to win and it sucks to lose but I am old enough to know that it is just a game and either way I am there to have a good time. Sometimes it is hard to remember that and sometimes it slips but it always comes back to that. I just got new cleats from and will be using a 30oz half and half aluminum barreled DeMarini Vexxum bat. It is old and heavy but I swing fast and hard. When I get a hold of a ball it leaves the bat like a rocket.


That will be my weekend, hopefully Sunday I can relax and play a few video games or take the dog for a walk. Ohhhhh I also learned how to play “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis on my Ukulele last night. It is easy and fun. That is song #2 under my belt. Have a good Thursday! 😀 😀


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