Lazy Weekend

Hey People!

I have a huge headache at work right now literally, so bare with me. I have my Pandora set to Linkin Park radio and we will power through. I’m sure it isn’t the best for a headache, but screw it.

First thing on my mind other than m headache is the fact that while giving my cat his antibiotic this weekend I bent my fingernail back on my left ring finger. It is on my mind because, well I’m typing with it and it kinda hurts haha.

I wasn’t sure if I had a softball tournament this weekend or not but I never heard anything so I didn’t do anything. Thankfully I didn’t have one. My wife was home visiting her family so I was home alone all weekend. I took the rare opportunity to stay up late and sleep in. During the days I played GTA V and Overwatch. I bought a Shark card in GTA V, this gave me the opportunity to purchase the Benny’s upgrade to my Sultan RS and turn it into a rally super car. I also got a Saber Turbo muscle car and jacked it all up at Benny’s as well. It is said to be the fastest muscle car in the game when built up. It is by far my best looking car. I bought a Dinka Double-T bike and suped it up as well. To be honest I jacked up all my cars. The last car I bought was the Banshee. It has the best top speed of any car in the game. I have all the meaningful upgrades done to it, and now have to save up for the cool interior and what not. I was doing all the races I could during the double RP and Cash stent.

In Overwatch I was doing a mix of quick play and competitive. In quick play I was learning some characters that I wasn’t very good with. These included: Tracer, McCree, Zenyatta, Di’Va, and Mercy. I have almost got my original comp rank of 45 back. I fell all the way to 39 …Yikes! I have it back to I think 42, so I am climbing back up the ladder slowly.

The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful. When my wife came home we watched some Harry Potter, since the release of the new book was at midnight on Saturday. Freeform had a Harry Potter marathon on all weekend. We are both big fans, she has read all he books, I have not. Reading isn’t really my thing, I’m pretty bad at it. I do force myself to read because I do enjoy it, but I’m slow and I don’t like being bad at things. Anyway we also finished watching Mr. Robot, season one. My wife never saw it so now she is almost caught up. We will watch the current episodes of season two and then be all good.

I also picked up my ukulele some more and practiced with that. I need to lean more than one song haha. I know how to play and sing, “You’ve got a friend in me” from Toy Story, written by Randy Newman. It is somewhat difficult but is really fun. I need to learn a few more. I like playing kids songs and theme songs. It is harder to play real songs because they never sound quite right. I also like songs that were made on teh uku like the theme song to Steven Universe.

That is all I have for today. I hope you all had a good weekend! 😀 😀

P.S. here is the uke I have:



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