Up in the Air

Happy Friday!

This will be another quick post.

My wife is still out with her family, so I played video games until I went to bed. I have mostly been playing GTA V since they have double RP and Cash until today, I think. My wife won’t be back until Saturday.

I think I have a softball tournament this weekend. I haven’t heard anything about it and there may be games tonight haha. It would be the season end tournament for the co-ed division. It will be painful to play with the people on that team, because they are just not ball players. I have just been helping them out since they lost a few players this year. I look at it as more practice for our big summer tournament later this summer.

For the rest of the day I will most likely play GTA V and make as much money on stunt races as I can. My username in game is “U-Rarea”, and I’m in the “NRGC” clan. That is the same clan I have been apart of for the last 8 years or so. It has been with us through every game the group of us have played. It is the New Revolution Gaming clan. Gah! I really just want to buy a shark card in game and get some sweet cars. Anyway if I have softball I guess I can’t play GTA V but if I don’t I’;; be on it all night. I may change to a bit of Overwatch, or Rocket League, but who knows. I see myself maybe not going to sleep tonight if that is the case. It is refreshing to know I have nothing going on so I can do anything.

Have a great weekend! I’ll see you all Monday. 😀 😀


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