Friday Special

Good Friday afternoon people!

Not going to lie I almost forgot to post again today. I have been very productive again today at work and it drags me in.

Today at work I replaced a couple PCs for two guys in the shop. They had PCs that were about five years old. They were due. I put out a few small fires through out the day, as well as set up a projector in our Rec Hall for the upcoming cost of living meetings next week. I found a different laptop to use this time so I didn’t have to use my own. This was on purpose since I needed mine for another project. We have been brainstorming on how best to set up a guest wifi network. We currently have two access points and our issues is that they are now on different VLANs. We have to make sure that they will communicate correctly. I tested a few things today with not much luck. I have a few more things to test after I’m done with this post. I’ll try to remember to keep you all updated on it. On a random note I installed ‘AutoHotKeys’ software on my PC to allow me to set up, well, hotkeys. I have speakers now and needed a way to do volume control quickly, since I am in an office setting. It works great and I would highly recommend the software.

Tonight I will be filling in again for my brothers softball team. We have a game at 6pm. Again like every time I hope I make a good impact. I like coming in and doing well. The team will appreciate a player stepping in and doing their best. After that we will have our end season tourny. My regular team has a game Saturday at 9:15am against a team that we didn’t get to play due to weather. So it will be a crap shoot. If we win we play again at 2pm. That is a long wait, and one I’m not really looking forward to. I will be all softballed out for a while, even though I have other tournaments. And speaking of those tournaments I found out our company team will have military green shirts this year and that we have about 13 players. We won three games last year and lost two, for a total of five games, not that you needed help doing addition. I hope we do at least that good again. It would be really fun to play against either of my brothers on their company teams.

That’s all for this weekend. I’ll see you all again Monday! 😀 😀


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