Dinner, Parking, & Being Productive

Happy Hump Day!!

Last night we were invited to a casual pizza dinner at a good friends house. She is married with a baby. Her brother and his wife were also there, he is also a good friend of mine. They have twin 2 year old boys. I think of that whole family as my second family. I have known then since I was five years old. I was with them most days from 5 to 18 years old. We got there right about 6:30pm and got right to dinner. All three of the kids were running around and having a great time. There was plenty of things for them to play with. My wife and I hadn’t been in their house yet so this was the first time. We didn’t take any kind of tour, but we did see a good portion of the house just being there. It was nice and spacious. This dinner was a good way to break up the monotony of everyday life. We all get stuck in a rhythm and patterns, and rarely break out of them. It was nice to see them and their kids. We were able to catch up on life and enjoy ourselves. We plan on doing this more often since we had a great time.

This morning and I guess all week, we haven’t been able to park in our usual lot at work. They are in the process of repaving it. This generally isn’t a big deal. Yesterday I apparently parked in a ‘No Parking’ spot. Someone called me and let me know. I guess I was parked in a spot that can sometimes block big Mac trucks from pulling into our garage bays (whoops). Again it was no big deal but it was kind of funny. I got down there and moved my truck in a matter of minutes, but its funny that we lost so much parking yet no one is really affected by it.

Today has been a good day. Not only is it the middle of the week, but I have been productive all day. It is a great feeling. My co-worker isn’t here today, and that isn’t even why I’m busy. I have been setting up a couple of new PCs for a few guys in the shop, I was able to figure out why I couldn’t get AVG for business running on my PC, I started setting up a third PC for a girl who will be starting next week in our HR department, and have been running around all day putting out minor ‘fires’ for people. In the mean time while cleaning all the technology out of a retired mans office I found his speakers. So instead of looking goofy with a make shift, one ear, headset I have speakers for the first time in my office. I also have a big fraternity paddle leaning on my wall that has gotten a ton of attention. It is the only decoration in my entire office. I would like to have a plant of two but I don’t have any windows to the outdoors. I might need a cactus or even one of those desk ecosystems. Anyway I’ll talk to you more tomorrow.

Have a great rest of the day! 😀 😀



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