New Phone & Minecraft Server

Happy Friday Readers!!

I had a pretty exciting night last night. I got permission from my boss to take home the server we had been tinkering with. So that came home with me. Right after work I made the executive decision to go to my local AT&T store. I have been wanting to get my own plan for a while now and just hadn’t taken the plunge until yesterday. I was able to leave my family’s plan since it was out of contract. This resulted in no penalties to my parents (which is great). It was pretty packed in there, like I thought it would be for 5pm on a Thursday. The sales reps and manager worked as quickly as they could and they got to me about 20 minutes later. I told the sales rep that I wanted to branch out and start doing my own thing and later have my wife join my account. We talked logistics for a little bit and settled on a 5GB data plan with just the one line for now. I went ahead and bought the Galaxy S7 Active. It is brand spankin’ new. I kept my composure on the outside, but inside I was as giddy as a little school girl. Not only was this a first for me, being on my own plan and in charge, but it is a crazy good phone. I will have a pretty hefty bill for a while though to pay it off since at retail its over $750. I was the most excited to have a working camera again, my old one was smashed on some concrete when I was running cables through a drop ceiling over two years ago. I didn’t get to set it up right away and I didn’t want to. I waited until later that night to sit and compare phones and make them as similar as possible. I took my time and made sure I did it all right.

After I left the AT&T store I went home and had to try setting the Minecraft server up. The hardest part was finding an old VGA cable for the initial set up. I dug around my attic for a while and partially died of heat exhaustion (joke, but it was f-ing hot). I only needed it long enough to set the static IP and make sure that remote desktop would work. Once that was set up the rest went surprisingly smooth. I unplugged all the peripherals and worked remotely the rest of the time. I set up the ddns client on my server and forwarded teh default port for Minecraft on my home router. I text my co-worker, whose daughter wanted a server, and had him let his daughter try connecting to it. She was able to get right in and other than her Wi-fi dropping once it was working flawlessly. So that being said I have a working Minecraft server in my computer room. Woo! I hopped on when she got on and teleported her to my location. She is only 9 years old so I was going to help her get started. I showed her around my compound and gave her all sorts of gear. I gave her enough wood to build a small house, a bed, a furnace, gold, tools, glass, a door, fence, gates, ect. You get the idea. I hooked her up. She started building a small place right next to mine and then I heard today she had to go to bed so I’m sure there will be more later haha.

Later today I am going with my brother to sell a softball bat and then we have a game at 9pm tonight for a co-ed league.

I’ll see you all again Monday!!


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