Happy Thursday

Good Afternoon People!

Last night was a very productive evening for me. From the moment I left work I was on the move. I got home and fed my pets, then jet back out the door. I had to get food for them at the local Tractor Supply. From there I went to the local Wal-Mart to get groceries. My wife is very busy studying for exams to finish her masters degree this August. She is also finishing up her, non-paid internship position. We are a little strapped on cash because of this but it is all for the better. I didn’t just want to hand her money since she is busy so I went and got everything we needed. I got home and put everything away and felt good about how much I was getting done. I kept myself busy, and took out the trash and cleaned up around the house for a bit. My mom noticed that the tree my wife and I had in our marriage ceremony, was not looking too good. for a little back story on that, we both added water and soil to the potted tree, like others combine sand or light candles. Our goal is to plant it in the yard of our home……The issues there is that we have been married over a year and still don’t have a house haha. It has been in a pot for far too long and the pot that it was in broke and isn’t big enough anymore. I was able to run to the local Lowes and get the biggest pot I could find and three bags of Miracle Grow tree soil. Hopefully the tree will spring back to some sort of life and we can get it planted in the near future.

That was my night. I was sweating like crazy, it was hot and very humid all evening. I hopped in the shower and turned on the ESPYS. Those are the sports awards. They have always been about more than just sports and this year was no exception. I wasn’t able to watch the whole thing but the stories they shared last night were moving and over all well presented. The main reason I couldn’t watch the whole show was that the season two premier of Mr. Robot on the USA Network stated at 10pm. This was a show that I missed completely, and got fully caught up on. It is amazing, if you haven’t watched it and you like computers, technology, hacking, mind f*cks, and overall good story lines you will love this show.

That brings me to today. I have been moderately busy at work and still have two PCs to set up so I will get back at it. thanks for reading and I’ll see you again tomorrow.  😀 😀


My Ingress cards Shipped Today!!


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