Busy Day

Hey Everyone!

I have had a pretty busy day but I still wanted to squeeze in a post for you today. Work has been hectic and there is….

*Pause thought..As I was about to finish a thought on possible layoffs at work my boss came in to tell me I did not get laid off lol*

That is of great relief. This is the second time this year that our company has laid some people off and so far, fingers crossed, I haven’t been one of the guys. My background and small department is a giant part of the reason I get to stay. I haven’t been at my job even two years yet. I work in IT and we only have a five man operation going. The people in the shop get slow but we do not. We still have just as many machines, and just as many computers to maintain and the same amount of network. I still have those butterflies in my stomach from the conversation my boss and I just had behind closed doors. He starts out with the good news that I’m not getting laid off, so that helps. He really has gone to bat for me, so to speak. He has backed me up greatly and I let him know I really appreciate that. When he left I felt almost a sense of family, in the way that we all look out for each other. I feel good, but at the same time our company is still down in profits so it is still a bit scary. I hope that I can work for this company until I retire and move my way up to the head of the IT department, so being laid off won’t help haha.

I just had a co-worker come up and ask me about the logistics of the new Pokemon Go game as well. He rarely downloads anything but since this has caught on like wild fire he wants in. I told him what I know and he was off. I tried the game for a day or two, just to see what it was like, but I will remain a dedicated Ingress player. I have since deleted Pokemon Go but I am glad to see some of the players coming to Ingress and seeing people being active in the community of it all. It is really nice to combine the outdoors and  video games in my opinion. That is all I can do for today. I have to get back to work on setting up a few new PCs.

Have a great Hump Day 😀 😀


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