Some Ingress, My Birthday, Stuff

Happy Tuesday!

I just remembered that I get paid at midnight! Woo! Anyway, Last night was another great evening as far as weather is concerned. So after I got home and did my husbandly duties I made sure I went outside. I waited for my wife to get home from work, and then I bribed her with a milk shake from DQ to install and play Ingress. I want to be able to go out with her and walk around our town and play the game the right way. I will still ‘Car-gress’ but when I have the chance and a nice evening I will try to go out and walk around. Not only will it help my progress and possibly catch her interest, but it will be a healthy alternative to sitting inside playing PC games. Not that I’m look to lose weight but that can only help all around. On an Ingress side note, I posted my design for recruitment cards to the Ingress Facebook group, and to my surprise it had an overwhelmingly great response from all but one annoying nit picker. Here is the link if you want to check out the group:



Like dang! 30 shares, 180 likes and reactions, that is crazy! Hey, I’ll take it. I like that people want to use it and I hope that they do.

Later this week is my 28th birthday! It kind of snuck up on me since I have been so busy. I will be a stand in on my brother’s co-ed softball team the night before and then busy all day on my birthday. But not to worry, we will all be going out for a family dinner later in the evening. It is a tradition that my family does on the day of one of our birthdays. It is nice to see everyone together even if it is only for an hour or so.

I have a Theta Chi ‘Summer Party’ meeting to attend to on Saturday. I am the secretary of our alumni chapter. We meet once a year and discuss events and things that we can do in the coming year. Unfortunately, we have very heavy things to discuss since our active chapter was kicked off campus for being morons. Most of the time will be talking about ways to get back on the universities good graces. :/ Oh well, every chapter would have gotten kicked off if they got caught doing half the stuff they got away with. It was stupid what they did and they know it. We only need to look forward from there.

The Minecraft server is still baffling us today. We are not sure why it cannot be access from outside our network. Everything looks good on our end but I guess it is not.

Also talking about nerd things, I am very excited for season 2 of Mr. Robot on USA Network. It officially comes out this Wednesday night! If you haven’t seen it….see it. It is about a hacker and how he wants to better the world. it is much deeper and screwier than that though.

That will be about all for today, I’ll talk to you all tomorrow! 😀 😀


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