Softball & Ingress Picnic

Hey Monday!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I was pretty busy this weekend, which is welcomed. It makes it go by fast but it makes me feel like I accomplished things. I’ll just skip to Sunday for the sake of this post. It was a normal start to the morning. I got up, fed the animals, and lounged around in my underwear. I had two softball games scheduled for mid morning and I was just waiting until then to do anything else.

It was time for my games, and for me to try out my new Boombah cleats. I pulled in feeling confident in my new kicks and met up with my team. It was a bright and sunny day great for being outdoors. The game was short due to the fact that we ten runned them in the 5th inning, but it was fun. I got up to bat four times, and hit two home runs, one line drive single, and then they walked me 😦 . Teams tend to walk you when you crank a few out of the park. I figured they were going to. I play first base and pitch some, this game I was on first. I had a few plays made, but the defense game consisted of the other team flying out all over the place. The game ended with a score line of 11-1. We were pumped up and ready for our second game. Wellllllll………the other team never showed up. So we got a win by forfeit. It is nice to get the ‘W’ but it was a waste of a great day to play friendly ball.

I left from the ball park and got all showered up at home. I had an Ingress picnic that started at 4pm, so I got in a few games of Rocket League and Overwatch. Nothing to really talk about but it was fun as always. I finished up and headed over to a local park in my town, where the picnic was being held. I was one of the first three or four people there. This ended up being a good thing since more than half of the people coming I hadn’t met before. This gave me a chance to meet them as they came in and not all at once. In total there were 12 or 13 people in attendance.

We had three portals at this park which was part of the master plan. We had enough people there to warrant using frackers.  We deployed multi-hacks and heat-sinks to the portals so that we could hack them more times in a row. We did this for about 30 minutes and everyone was able to acquire a sufficient amount of gear. I went from basically no gear to being as full as I have ever been. The use of a fracker is amazing. Each hack on a frack portal is duplicated. This makes it quick and easy to glyph hack the crap out of them and score big. One thing to be cautious of is that it sends out a global comm message saying that you fracked a portal. To our surprise no Enlightened agents showed up to out three fracked portals. Even though we did it three times in a row.

We filled up on gear, then it was time to fill up on food. We had a pavilion to our disposal at the park and picnic tables. With the help of a charcoal grille we were able to have burgers and hotdogs. Most everyone else brought side dishes and drinks. Once we all had our fill, some of us split up and some of us walked the town. We took full advantage of the amount of people we had, and upgraded every portal in the area to level 8’s. I was a part of the group that walked the town since I wanted to work on my trekker badge. We also modded the portals to make it a pain in the ass for the ENL (Enlightened) agents to destroy. We used two rare shields a force amp and a turret. All in all it was a great day and awesome to meet up with other Ingress agents from the surrounding areas.

Like you may have figured I am still trying to get the Minecraft server open to the public, and having zero luck. My co-worker will be back tomorrow and we will brainstorm it out.

I hope you all start your week out in a positive way and keep it going!

I’ll see you tomorrow!


I went to and made recruitment cards for the Ingress resistance. I should have 500 of those bad boys in the next week. I’ll try to add them to this post. preview1preview


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