More Minecraft!


I played a little bit of GTA V last night when I couldn’t get our Minecraft server running from my house. I have to find out why it won’t work grrr. But Since I have been at work I have just been playing it rather than finding a solution. This game is such a distraction. On the plus side I have a really sweet homestead going haha. I really don’t have much to say today since it is the end of the week and I have been in full ‘mine mode.’ I do have a few exciting things going on this weekend so expect Monday or Tuesday to be a much longer post about, photography, softball, and possibly an Ingress picnic! Also as a side note I have the new Pokemon Go app, and I don’t think it is very interesting from the start. I will play it a bit longer and see what I think after I give it a fair chance.

Have a fun and safe weekend everyone!


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