Minecraft Server & GTA V

Hey everybody!

*Wife Called*

We have been building a Minecraft server at work shhh. It was an old Windows 2003 Server Service Pack 2 OS.

*Darn Work Stuff*

Anyway yesterday we got in up and running. and I played for a bit and figured we were good. I left it on all night so that I could try it at home. We thought we had everything set up right as far as the port forwarding was concerned, but I think its wrong. I wasn’t able to log in last night from home, to our external address.

Super bad news! I came in today and changed a few settings and shut it down (incorrectly) and then brought the sever back up. Everything was running smooth so far. I logged in from my desk at work only to find out that I was in a totally different place, world, long/lat? I’m not too sure, but I knew something was wrong since I didn’t have anything and my level was back to 1. So  a little more than aggravated, I blew it all away and re did it all, knowing I had to start over anyway. This time I tested everything I could think of before doing too much. I started the server and messed around, then made myself an admin. I then ran the /stop command from the game console, to stop the server. It worked and kept my data. I then restarted it from the other room and I was good. I then ran the stop command from the server itself and brought it back up. Also good.  Next I went to the server and just “X’d” out of the CLI without the stop command. I then brought it back up and it again was good. The last thing I tried was I simulated a power outage. I ran around with a certain item and stopped in a certain spot then pulled the plug. This still saved my data but it was a few seconds behind. So the auto save function is running by default, which is great. So far other than not being able to play from home everything is a success. Our main purpose for this is that my co worker’s daughter plays a bit and he wanted a spot for her to play without a bunch of other people. I wanted to host a server for the fun of it since I haven’t before. So this is a win win you could say. I haven’t tried to mess with the port settings because at this point I’m not sure what I should do. I’ll let you know when I get it going at home.

Speaking of home, since I couldn’t get the server access I played some online GTA V.  A few of my buddies trickled in and we spoke via team speak. We ran around and played a few missions but nothing too serious. We then did some CEO missions and I leveled up pretty damn fast. I want to save up and get a low rider from Benny’s but t is way to expensive. I have like $250,000 and that wouldn’t make a dent. I was fun and I may do it again later tonight. I hope you all have a good rest of the day as I will try to as well.


😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


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