Whoops, 4th, & Minecraft

Hello everyone!

I forgot to post yesterday. I was super busy over the weekend and then I had to cover for someone at work the next day and totally forgot to post. ooppsies! My 4th of July was great a few of us went kayaking and had a fire. We went to the local fireworks and it was a blast! get it? huh do ya? (bad pun) The next day was the parade it was about 2 hours long and was followed by a large family cookout at my house, like every year. It was fun seeing everyone all at once and visiting with my not quite 2 year old cousin.

the rest is simple we set up a Minecraft server and I an super excited to mess with it so I am about done here. It is a simple set up and very ‘vanilla.’ I’m hoping we did the port forwarding right so I can get into it when I am at home later. Again I want to apologize for missing my post. I should be back in the swing of things by tomorrow. I hope you all had a great weekend, as I did and were safe if you went out!

Catch you all tomorrow!! đŸ˜€


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