Truck Update & Happy 4th!

Good Friday, Friday!

This is going to be another quick one. I have been busy and continue to stay busy. Last night I did indeed change the oil in my truck. I got a FRAM oil filter, which is a pretty good brand, and they have the grip on them for easy replacement. I took the leap and got Royal Purple full synthetic motor oil. It is a 5W-30 and should be decent enough in the hot and cold weather. While I was at Auto Zone I did pick up the rest of the paint I needed for the body of my truck. I will be leaving work at noon today to go get started on that. I cannot stress enough how excited I am to finally finish the body of this truck. It has been over two years coming and I am about to finish it!!! jashgkljahg; soo great! If you missed it in the comment from the post before the video of my exhaust is here: .  I will try and remember to take some pictures or a video of the finished truck. It will need to dry for over day before I clean it to make sure the paint is all set. I have the doors, front fenders, and front bumper to do today and I’m all done! If I have any left over paint I will crawl under the truck and sand and paint some of the rusted areas under the bumpers and frame.

I won’t be posting again until Tuesday the 5th. With this being said and me leaving early today I hope you all have a great holiday and remember to reflect on our freedom. If you are going to parties stay safe and be responsible, of course all while having a great damn time. I personally will be going to fireworks in my hometown on Sunday and Monday we have a parade in the morning, then a big family get together after. We are gong to play yard games and have burgers and what not. I’ll see you all Tuesday!

Byyyeeeeee 😀 😀


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