Up in the Air

Happy Friday!

This will be another quick post.

My wife is still out with her family, so I played video games until I went to bed. I have mostly been playing GTA V since they have double RP and Cash until today, I think. My wife won’t be back until Saturday.

I think I have a softball tournament this weekend. I haven’t heard anything about it and there may be games tonight haha. It would be the season end tournament for the co-ed division. It will be painful to play with the people on that team, because they are just not ball players. I have just been helping them out since they lost a few players this year. I look at it as more practice for our big summer tournament later this summer.

For the rest of the day I will most likely play GTA V and make as much money on stunt races as I can. My username in game is “U-Rarea”, and I’m in the “NRGC” clan. That is the same clan I have been apart of for the last 8 years or so. It has been with us through every game the group of us have played. It is the New Revolution Gaming clan. Gah! I really just want to buy a shark card in game and get some sweet cars. Anyway if I have softball I guess I can’t play GTA V but if I don’t I’;; be on it all night. I may change to a bit of Overwatch, or Rocket League, but who knows. I see myself maybe not going to sleep tonight if that is the case. It is refreshing to know I have nothing going on so I can do anything.

Have a great weekend! I’ll see you all Monday. 😀 😀


Thursday Is Not Friday

Hey Everyone!

I really just want it to be Friday haha.

Last night was pretty uneventful. My wife and I looked at a potential house, and then went to a Mexican restaurant. We finished the night off by watching three episodes of Mr. Robot. I have her watching season one so that she can catch up with me. I love watching it back for a second time. I am able to see the things I couldn’t before. I won’t say more than that because if you haven’t seen it I don’t want to ruin anything for you. Also, if you haven’t seen it…you need to. It is crazy and everything that happens in the show could actually be done in real life, which makes it that much more engaging.

Today at work I have been running around trying to get a hold of Windows product keys to prove to Microsoft that we haven’t pirated any software. It is a pain in the ass because the new PCs do not come with the easy to find stickers. I have a script in visual basic that will show me the product key. You might think I’d be good to go, but I’m not. I have no way of knowing if it is a volume license key or OEM. I wish we didn’t have any volume licenses haha. That would make this so much easier. I also have to upgrade a new PC to Windows 10 for a new employee.  That will be the extent of my day at work.

My wife is in the process of finishing her internship for her Masters degree. This means I have been the sole provider, money wise for a month or so. That is ok with me, but on my end it is a huge adjustment. The main difference is that I have to get and pay for the groceries. So after work toady I am going to get my hair cut which I desperately need and then I will be going to get a bunch of food.  My wife will be gone for two nights visiting her family so I will have to make due without her for a couple days.

I wish it was Friday.

Have a great Thursday! 😀 😀

Ingress Badge & Webpage

Hello Everyone!

I don’t have much to say today. To be honest my head is in another place right now, and It is already hard to focus on this haha.

Ingress has a recruiter badge, that requires you to get at least two new players to join. You send out requests via email to friends or family. They then go to the link in their email and download the game. They play the game and to my understanding they have to reach level three before it counts towards your badge. This is all well and good so far. I have my brother and my wife signed up. I have been working with my wife and she is now a level three. I was excited to see the progress on my badge, but to my surprise even a week later, nothing. It will generally show you that you have one if you did. I know I went through the process correctly so I’m very confused. Every other badge updates just fine.  I will soon be working with my brother to get him to that level as well, but I want to know that my hard work will pay off. Hmmm…I don’t know, I’m just thinking out loud at this point. I hope it works.

Now to what really has my attention at the moment, a webpage. Not just a quick free page that you can point and click to set up but a real one that I will be coding in HTML. I have been practicing here at work and looking at tutorials. I will go home and make one for real on my server. I think I will just make it for my PC repair business, but I’m not 100% on that. I want to make it really nice and have full functionality. I will have to sign up for some sort of FTP client to pull my files from my server to what ever free sight maker I choose. I found a really good tutorial that walks you through the basics very well. It is linked right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NG15HHwAtwU . This guy, Tinkernut, has really good content on mainly tech related tricks. I recommend giving him a like and subscribe on YouTube. So that will consume the rest of my day.

Lastly I was just informed by my wife that we will be going to get ice cream when she comes home, because she has an addiction lol.

Have a great Tuesday! 😀 😀

So Much Softball & Day Trip

Good Monday Afternoon.

I am very tired, maybe I haven’ caught my self up from this weekend. Starting Friday night after work, I had a co-ed softball game. It was a good game and we won so that is a plus. I was very out of my element though, as they put me at shortstop. I am an infielder and have been my whole life, but I play first base. I can still field a ball just fine but my arm is awful. I have a slight tear in my rotator cuff, so I really cannot through a anything with any force. So stopping and getting the ball wasn’t difficult for me, it was throwing the ball that didn’t quite work. It didn’t help that our first baseman is a 5′ girl. I threw the ball everywhere but her glove. I apologized to her multiple times that game. I did manage to turn a double play and make one or two throws. I hit amazingly I got up six times in seven innings. I had three home runs, one double, a single, and a ground out. The game ended with a score of 24-21 in our favor.

Saturday was our regular season tournament. We had our first game at 9:15am. It was against a team from out of town, and we never got to play them during the season due to weather. We didn’t know what to expect. We lost very convincingly. We couldn’t hit the ball and we had way to many fielding errors. Honestly it was embarrassing. At that point I was ready to hurry up and lose the next one, so that we could just be done for the day.

We had a game wait and then we were back on the field. This time it was against a group of younger kids. They generally are faster but don’t have the mechanics down, even if they were baseball players. We did much better against them. We hit fairly well, not like we should still, and we didn’t have as many errors in the field. This game gave us our confidence back. We ten runned them in the 5th inning. Being a double elimination tournament we could only lose one more game. We won the game and played again right after.

The next game was against my brothers soon to be brother-in-law. They are a good group of guys and we always have fun, yet close games with them. We started well and were beating them pretty good, until the 5th inning or so. We threw away an inning and let them get back in the game. In the end we did beat them out by a few runs. This kept us live for another game.

After our game wait we played a team that we battle with all the time. That day they happened to get the better of us. It was hard fought and well deserved. We let them pull ahead of us and we could never get back in it. It was hot and we were ok with being done at that point. I think over all we were in 5th place. We shook their hands at the end and that was that. We played five games of softball in two days. It wasn’t the most ever but it was long and hot.

We still had enough time to make it out to my cousins high school graduation party right after our games. Once I showered of course, my wife and I left. It was nice seeing family that we don’t see often. It was a nice way to spend the evening and unwind from the days events.

Sunday we got up and on a whim we ran out to Erie, PA for a quick day trip. I had a gift card from my wife’s grandparents. They gave it to me for my birthday.  I ended up getting a 7″ bushcraft knife. I haven’t had one and I wanted one to take with me in the field. I needed it to be full tang and sturdy. I will baton it through wood for kindling and make fire sticks with it. I also carry a Case gut knife and a pocket knife. In my pack I also have a hatchet and a silky saw. I would say I’m good on cutting utensils for now haha. Anyway back on topic. We ate lunch at the local Olive Garden, which is always a treat. Next we ended up at the Barns and Noble beside the restaurant. With my wife’s birthday coming up I offered to buy her some books, if that would be what she would like. She was all for it. I got her six books and some bookmarks. We also made sure to pre-order the new Harry Potter book as well. Overall it was a great day and we got to get out of town for a bit.

I hope you all had an exciting weekend too! I’ll talk to you tomorrow! 😀 😀

Friday Special

Good Friday afternoon people!

Not going to lie I almost forgot to post again today. I have been very productive again today at work and it drags me in.

Today at work I replaced a couple PCs for two guys in the shop. They had PCs that were about five years old. They were due. I put out a few small fires through out the day, as well as set up a projector in our Rec Hall for the upcoming cost of living meetings next week. I found a different laptop to use this time so I didn’t have to use my own. This was on purpose since I needed mine for another project. We have been brainstorming on how best to set up a guest wifi network. We currently have two access points and our issues is that they are now on different VLANs. We have to make sure that they will communicate correctly. I tested a few things today with not much luck. I have a few more things to test after I’m done with this post. I’ll try to remember to keep you all updated on it. On a random note I installed ‘AutoHotKeys’ software on my PC to allow me to set up, well, hotkeys. I have speakers now and needed a way to do volume control quickly, since I am in an office setting. It works great and I would highly recommend the software.

Tonight I will be filling in again for my brothers softball team. We have a game at 6pm. Again like every time I hope I make a good impact. I like coming in and doing well. The team will appreciate a player stepping in and doing their best. After that we will have our end season tourny. My regular team has a game Saturday at 9:15am against a team that we didn’t get to play due to weather. So it will be a crap shoot. If we win we play again at 2pm. That is a long wait, and one I’m not really looking forward to. I will be all softballed out for a while, even though I have other tournaments. And speaking of those tournaments I found out our company team will have military green shirts this year and that we have about 13 players. We won three games last year and lost two, for a total of five games, not that you needed help doing addition. I hope we do at least that good again. It would be really fun to play against either of my brothers on their company teams.

That’s all for this weekend. I’ll see you all again Monday! 😀 😀

Quick Post

Hey everyone!

I’m posting early and quick today since I have to leave work early for a dentist appointment. I hope it all goes well. I don’t have any issues going to the dentist but i just don’t really want to go. They will probably find a reason to drill into my teeth and that just gets annoying. Best case they clean those bad boys up and send me packing.

After the dentist I have to take my cat Zazzles to the vet. He is prone to UTIs and for a cat that is no good. If it is left untreated it can literally kill your cat. He had his first one and we had to have him stay over night to get treated. They develop crystals in their urine and that is no bueno. Since the first time he has had two more. They both didn’t have the chance to get worse, since we jumped at the sight of him acting weird and found it early. He doesn’t ever seem to drink his water which doesn’t help the situation at all. He will only drink out of the dog’s dish and we have to fill it and keep the dog away from it so that he can drink it. Weird. That will about finish up my day.

I will be on my own at work until next Thursday. My networking counter part is taking some of his vacation days to visit with his brother from Texas. I may be busy, and I may not be.

Have a great day and I’ll talk to you tomorrow! 😀 😀

Dinner, Parking, & Being Productive

Happy Hump Day!!

Last night we were invited to a casual pizza dinner at a good friends house. She is married with a baby. Her brother and his wife were also there, he is also a good friend of mine. They have twin 2 year old boys. I think of that whole family as my second family. I have known then since I was five years old. I was with them most days from 5 to 18 years old. We got there right about 6:30pm and got right to dinner. All three of the kids were running around and having a great time. There was plenty of things for them to play with. My wife and I hadn’t been in their house yet so this was the first time. We didn’t take any kind of tour, but we did see a good portion of the house just being there. It was nice and spacious. This dinner was a good way to break up the monotony of everyday life. We all get stuck in a rhythm and patterns, and rarely break out of them. It was nice to see them and their kids. We were able to catch up on life and enjoy ourselves. We plan on doing this more often since we had a great time.

This morning and I guess all week, we haven’t been able to park in our usual lot at work. They are in the process of repaving it. This generally isn’t a big deal. Yesterday I apparently parked in a ‘No Parking’ spot. Someone called me and let me know. I guess I was parked in a spot that can sometimes block big Mac trucks from pulling into our garage bays (whoops). Again it was no big deal but it was kind of funny. I got down there and moved my truck in a matter of minutes, but its funny that we lost so much parking yet no one is really affected by it.

Today has been a good day. Not only is it the middle of the week, but I have been productive all day. It is a great feeling. My co-worker isn’t here today, and that isn’t even why I’m busy. I have been setting up a couple of new PCs for a few guys in the shop, I was able to figure out why I couldn’t get AVG for business running on my PC, I started setting up a third PC for a girl who will be starting next week in our HR department, and have been running around all day putting out minor ‘fires’ for people. In the mean time while cleaning all the technology out of a retired mans office I found his speakers. So instead of looking goofy with a make shift, one ear, headset I have speakers for the first time in my office. I also have a big fraternity paddle leaning on my wall that has gotten a ton of attention. It is the only decoration in my entire office. I would like to have a plant of two but I don’t have any windows to the outdoors. I might need a cactus or even one of those desk ecosystems. Anyway I’ll talk to you more tomorrow.

Have a great rest of the day! 😀 😀


Weekend Update

Hey everyone! I have to apologize I didn’t get around to posting yesterday. I Got really busy at work and wasn’t able to free up enough time.

Friday I was an extra hitter on my brothers co-ed softball team. they needed me to be in at least two regular season games, that way I could play in their end of season tournament. Since it was Friday night we played at 9pm under the lights of one of the three fields. That was all well and good until in the top of the second inning all the lights went out. It got very dark very quickly. We had to wait for a good half hour for the breaker to cool down and be switched back on. We thought we would have to reschedule, but right as we were about to pack up the lights kicked on. We finished the game with a win and that was that. It took longer than normal due to the delay. My wife and I had to be up the next morning at 6am to go back to our college town.

That next morning we were up early. Once we got to the college, I dropped her off to take her comprehensive exam for her Masters program. She then had a meeting with her internship professor, that would last until about 4pm. I on the other hand had a Theta Chi Fraternity meeting at 11am. I am the Secretary of our alumni chapter, and had to be there to jot down the minutes. I had about three hours to kill before the meeting and about 4 hours after. I decided to take the whole campus and more over in Ingress.13754464_10209673614052848_6225551991784551813_n13645317_10209673982902069_621879887825222453_n

The Photos above are as follows: 1st is my campus and all of the portals located on it. I capped them all and fully deployed. I then linked around the whole campus. The 2nd is the larger field I threw over it all for another layer. I know that it uses one of the same corners, and that is because as you can see, some jag off had thrown a bad link at the top right. I didn’t see it in time and didn’t want to Jarvis everything I already did.

On top of that I added two larger fields later above campus. I went to very uneventful meeting and stayed there as long as I had to. I love my fraternity and all but since the active members got their charter revoked the meeting lacks in attendance and the alumni don’t do much. I was easily the youngest person there by 25 years. After my meeting I met up with my little from the fraternity. He was at work at the local beer distributor. I hung out with him the rest of the time before I got the call that my wife was done.

We went home and rested the rest of the day since we woke up early ad stayed up late the night before. The next morning we had a double hearer softball day. We had a game at 11:30am and then a game wait before the next one at 2pm. The first game went well, we were in the lead for most of the game. Somehow we lost the lead late in the game and in the very last inning I drove in the winning run to take the victory.  The second game was the worst one we have played all year. We lost by 12 run in the fifth inning. We had too many errors to count and screwed everything up. It was like our team had never played ball before. Oh well, we the end of season tournament coming up so we will make a good day o two of that.

Yesterday I got really busy with work and then after my wife and I went and looked at a couple houses with a realtor. I really liked the one I’m just not sure if we could get the right amount of money in a loan. I would hope we could but my school debt would be a huge factor, as well as my wife not having a full time job since she is stil in school until August. Anyway that is all for today, again I’m sorry I couldn’t squeeze in a post yesterday. It just wasn’t in the cards.

Have a great Tuesday and I’ll see you tomorrow! 😀 😀

New Phone & Minecraft Server

Happy Friday Readers!!

I had a pretty exciting night last night. I got permission from my boss to take home the server we had been tinkering with. So that came home with me. Right after work I made the executive decision to go to my local AT&T store. I have been wanting to get my own plan for a while now and just hadn’t taken the plunge until yesterday. I was able to leave my family’s plan since it was out of contract. This resulted in no penalties to my parents (which is great). It was pretty packed in there, like I thought it would be for 5pm on a Thursday. The sales reps and manager worked as quickly as they could and they got to me about 20 minutes later. I told the sales rep that I wanted to branch out and start doing my own thing and later have my wife join my account. We talked logistics for a little bit and settled on a 5GB data plan with just the one line for now. I went ahead and bought the Galaxy S7 Active. It is brand spankin’ new. I kept my composure on the outside, but inside I was as giddy as a little school girl. Not only was this a first for me, being on my own plan and in charge, but it is a crazy good phone. I will have a pretty hefty bill for a while though to pay it off since at retail its over $750. I was the most excited to have a working camera again, my old one was smashed on some concrete when I was running cables through a drop ceiling over two years ago. I didn’t get to set it up right away and I didn’t want to. I waited until later that night to sit and compare phones and make them as similar as possible. I took my time and made sure I did it all right.

After I left the AT&T store I went home and had to try setting the Minecraft server up. The hardest part was finding an old VGA cable for the initial set up. I dug around my attic for a while and partially died of heat exhaustion (joke, but it was f-ing hot). I only needed it long enough to set the static IP and make sure that remote desktop would work. Once that was set up the rest went surprisingly smooth. I unplugged all the peripherals and worked remotely the rest of the time. I set up the ddns client on my server and forwarded teh default port for Minecraft on my home router. I text my co-worker, whose daughter wanted a server, and had him let his daughter try connecting to it. She was able to get right in and other than her Wi-fi dropping once it was working flawlessly. So that being said I have a working Minecraft server in my computer room. Woo! I hopped on when she got on and teleported her to my location. She is only 9 years old so I was going to help her get started. I showed her around my compound and gave her all sorts of gear. I gave her enough wood to build a small house, a bed, a furnace, gold, tools, glass, a door, fence, gates, ect. You get the idea. I hooked her up. She started building a small place right next to mine and then I heard today she had to go to bed so I’m sure there will be more later haha.

Later today I am going with my brother to sell a softball bat and then we have a game at 9pm tonight for a co-ed league.

I’ll see you all again Monday!!

Happy Thursday

Good Afternoon People!

Last night was a very productive evening for me. From the moment I left work I was on the move. I got home and fed my pets, then jet back out the door. I had to get food for them at the local Tractor Supply. From there I went to the local Wal-Mart to get groceries. My wife is very busy studying for exams to finish her masters degree this August. She is also finishing up her, non-paid internship position. We are a little strapped on cash because of this but it is all for the better. I didn’t just want to hand her money since she is busy so I went and got everything we needed. I got home and put everything away and felt good about how much I was getting done. I kept myself busy, and took out the trash and cleaned up around the house for a bit. My mom noticed that the tree my wife and I had in our marriage ceremony, was not looking too good. for a little back story on that, we both added water and soil to the potted tree, like others combine sand or light candles. Our goal is to plant it in the yard of our home……The issues there is that we have been married over a year and still don’t have a house haha. It has been in a pot for far too long and the pot that it was in broke and isn’t big enough anymore. I was able to run to the local Lowes and get the biggest pot I could find and three bags of Miracle Grow tree soil. Hopefully the tree will spring back to some sort of life and we can get it planted in the near future.

That was my night. I was sweating like crazy, it was hot and very humid all evening. I hopped in the shower and turned on the ESPYS. Those are the sports awards. They have always been about more than just sports and this year was no exception. I wasn’t able to watch the whole thing but the stories they shared last night were moving and over all well presented. The main reason I couldn’t watch the whole show was that the season two premier of Mr. Robot on the USA Network stated at 10pm. This was a show that I missed completely, and got fully caught up on. It is amazing, if you haven’t watched it and you like computers, technology, hacking, mind f*cks, and overall good story lines you will love this show.

That brings me to today. I have been moderately busy at work and still have two PCs to set up so I will get back at it. thanks for reading and I’ll see you again tomorrow.  😀 😀


My Ingress cards Shipped Today!!