Truck Stuff

Good Thursday afternoon everyone!

I had a pretty boring night last night. Not much going on at all, besides looking at a couple of houses. We are still very much in the market to buy but we haven’t found what we wanted in over two years. The houses we do like are just a bit over budget.

On the topic of my truck, I want to paint it still of course. But before I do that it is time for an oil change. Not just any oil change, but a vehicle saving change. I will be using full synthetic oil from now on and performance filters from K&N. I think 5W-30 weight will be best. I have mostly changed my oil myself unless I was way to busy, so it won’t be a big thing. It shouldn’t take me very long and that is good because I am going to the gym after work with my brother. I won’t do anything because I am lazy but I’ll be there. So at about 5pm I’ll head to Auto Zone and pick up what I need. I may even buy the rest of the paint needed for my truck. I would expect to be done by about 6pm. the longest part will be buying the stuff and draining the old oil. I want a good drain to get as much of the old stuff out as I can.

I have a battle raging inside me. I am debating on whether I would want to raise my truck or lower it. I may also just leave it alone. I don’t want to put too much money into it since it is old and it isn’t something I want to keep forever. I ideally want  a 4×4 truck or SUV. That is less than 10 damn years old haha. That way I know when I mod it that I will have it for a while. If I can I may save this truck fora long time and use it as a beater once I get a different vehicle. This is assuming that no one at all would want to buy it when I’m done with it. So at that point it would be literally worthless to everyone but myself, for sentimental reasons. Part of the reason I don’t want to raise it is that it isn’t 4×4 and has like no power, so whats the point. the opposite is true with lowering, but I live where it snows and I would be afraid of getting stuck in the snow with no ground clearance. That is why leaving it alone would be the cheapest and best option. hmmm I guess I talked my way through it…nice! Never mind about the dilemma. Anyway that is about if for today I’ll fill you in more tomorrow!

Have a great one! 😀 😀


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