NC Weekend

I’m back!

As you know I went to NC with my wife to visit a friend. We left Thursday after I got out of work, about 5pm. It was about a ten hour drive, and we got there about 3:30am. Pretty spot on if you ask me. The ride down was not great, besides driving though the night it rained. It didn’t rain a little, it rained a lot. Like, a lot a lot. I would say that out of the 620+ miles it rained for a solid 400 miles. Regardless we made it down in one piece and were pretty tired. We got to our friends apartment only to find that she was nowhere to be found. Yes, at 3:30am. Her ‘boyfriend’, another friend of ours and her all decided to skinny dipping in the pool. So we were in her apartment alone, but we did find the air mattress and the drunk ‘Marine’ on the couch.

* Disclaimer/Rant/Clarification*
It was a town littered with Marines and retired people, of which I have zero issue with. The so called Marines that will be mentioned in this post make me embarrassed for our country, by the way the carry themselves in public and in private. Also, by the way they think and act. Nothing about these people was respectable. You can quickly tell they didn’t like being told what to do and they would rebel at the first chance to feel like they do have control over something.
Don’t get me wrong I love this country and the people who serve it, but these guys make me sick to my stomach, when I think that people from other countries interacted with them and now have them as a picture of what American military looks like. I would like to think just these guys were like that but I know that isn’t true either. :/
Just like every other person out there, I don’t know what any of them have ‘gone through,’ if anything. Either way its no reason to act like they did on a daily basis.
I won’t be bringing them up much in this other than this part just because it instantly angers me all over again.

We were shook awake when they all got home about an hour later, soaking wet. Needless to say we didn’t sleep well that night. The next day we all went to the pool and hung out all day. It was the two girls we went to see, my wife and I, and the two ‘Marines.’ We met up with a really nice guy who was also a friend of the girl we went to see. He went with us the next day to all the shops. We went out to a bar that Friday night and just had a few drinks, with good conversation. I was the DD so I didn’t drink. That way the girls could catch up and have fun, and I would know that they were all safe. We got back to the apartment at like midnight and again we had an altercation with one of the ‘Marines.’ It again ruined the night. He wouldn’t listen to the apartment owner, us or his friend. He was drunk, obnoxious, and rude. We had someone come and physically remove him from the apartment at 1am. The next morning he came back to look for his wallet. After that, thankfully, we never saw him again. Oddly enough the rest of our trip was great. This probably isn’t a coincidence.

Saturday we went in early to a local coffee shop and had a great time. From there we hit up all the other local shops and bought a few things. We found a ice cream place with homemade treats. We ate at a great military themed spot for lunch. I had a really good blue cheese burger. Of course I played some Ingress while I was there and got my silver badge for capturing unique portals. I also made good headway on my trekker badge, for distance walked. That evening we went to a rooftop restaurant. The food was so so, the service was shit, and the view was amazing. XD So I guess all and all it wasn’t bad. Later we headed back to the bar from the night before. Again just having more of a social time. We got back about the same time as the night before. We went to bed and Saturday was history.

Sunday morning we woke up and made breakfast. We got our gear ready and were heading to the beach. It was about 50 minutes away from where we were staying. Once we got to the beach we setup our towels and chairs and headed into the water. It felt great. The sun was out, there was a breeze, and the water was a perfect temperature. The one thing that could ruin it in the first five minutes was a shark…..SHIT there was shark!! I’m not a shark expert by any means but it was one. The two girls and I quickly got out of the water. You could just see the fin up and out of the water about 20 feet away from us. It was crazy, we were just talking about how attacks have been up in the past few years, and then we saw one. We stayed out of the water for a couple hours and then braved up and got back in. We stayed for a good 4 hours and headed back to get ready, and go to dinner. For dinner we went to another local seafood place. They had fishermen catch most of the food fresh, and you could tell. The service was great, the food was great, and the atmosphere was perfect.

It was our last night there so we wanted to get a good nights sleep, since we had to drive ten hours back home the next day. We hit the hay at about midnight, and decided that we would get up at 7am and leave. Everything was great until the fire alarm for the whole building went off at 3:30am. We couldn’t believe our luck haha. We went outside and hung out in the parking lot. The fire department took a good 20 minutes to get there, which wouldn’t be awful if it weren’t for the fact that they were right across the street. In total it took about an hour before they turned the damn alarm off and let us go back in the building. We grabbed a couple more hours of sleep and then had to get up. We all said our good byes and loaded the car up. the trip home was long but, it always seems faster. The weather was much better than on the way down so that was a plus. We got home about 6pm and put our crap away. We cuddles our pets and had a relaxing evening with my family and the “Bachelorette.” Later tonight I will be attempting to put on a whole new exhaust system on my truck so I’ll let you know how that goes tomorrow.

Have a great Tuesday everyone! 😀 😀


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