Exhaust, & Farewell For Now

Happy Thursday people!

I got home last night and took a look under my truck. There was a lot more room under there then I had thought. Like, you could sleep under the bed no problem. Anyway back to why I was under there in the first place. I was scoping out my current/stock exhaust system. Along with painting the truck with bed liner I wanted to change out the exhaust system. For one reason the muffler has a hole in it and is rusting out, and the second reason is because it will be something I can do on my own. I haven’t done a modification like this before but everything I have seen has been fairly straight forward, since I will be going with a bolt on system. Since I also don’t have any damn money, I bought a budget system from Summit Racing at http://www.summitracing.com . If you are interested the part number is SUM-680030. It is not a a ‘true’ cat back system but its damn close. If I went with a name brand and a true cat back it would cost me $500+, whereas this one is $160. Again, since I will be doing it myself there will be no labor costs in sight. To install it I’m going to need to cut the intermediate pipe right after the Catalytic converter. I will first have to lay out the new system under the truck to know where to cut it off so I get the correct length. It will utilize a couple of adapters then head right into the muffler. The one I bought is a turbo style, which I’m hoping will be a good quality sound, without being obnoxiously loud. It is a tiny 4 cylinder after all. I saw that the mounts are welded so I will have to find a way around that. I might have to drill a few holes and use the mounts provided. That won’t be too hard. The current system is all welded so once I take it off the mounts and cut it the whole thing will come out in one piece. From there I will install the adapters, then then muffler. Next the remaining pipes just slide on and get mounted and clamped and I should be good to go. I am not sure if my spare tire will be in the way or not but if it is I’ll just take it out.Β  At some point I would like to paint the stock rims with the same bed liner. The only thing that will take a long time is taking each tire off one at a time since I don’t have a lift. I would spray them when they are on but I don’t want to spray the brakes.

As you all should know I will be leaving work today, and grabbing the rest of my stuff. The wife and I will be driving to North Carolina to spend the weekend with our friend that lives there. She will be moving to Arizona, I think, at the end of the summer. We will be there for two nights and we will be home Monday. As I stated in a previous post, I will not be posting Friday or this next Monday for that reason. I will tell you all about it Tuesday when I am super tired and sick of driving haha. The weather sounds like it will be OK so we shouldn’t run into any weird driving conditions. We are going to hang on the beach and go to some beer festival in the area. We will also be sleeping on an air mattress and that is about all I know. So I hope you all finish the week strong and head into the weekend with a smile. I’ll see you all Tuesday! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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