Truck Bed, Blood Drive, & Thoughts

Good Wednesday afternoon.

As you many of you may know I left work early yesterday, partly to enjoy the nice weather and to paint the sides of my truck bed. I have a 2000 Chevy s10 so it is a relatively small job. What makes it kind of a pain in the ass is that I’m doing it all by hand. That doesn’t mean an electric hand sander, it means a piece of sandpaper in my hand. It takes so long to get the paint scuffed up enough to apply the paint. It is very rewarding though, it makes me proud to look at it and know that I have logged so many man hours painting it. I have focused on more random parts of my truck than any other vehicle I have ever driven. The only thing left to do is the door sides, and front bumper. One more ‘session’ and it should be all done. As a reminder I am painting it with a rough bed liner. It is a matte finish with a rough finish that protects the vehicle from dents and dings. It took me about 4 hours to sand down the two sides, clean off all the paint dust, paint it, wait, and put on a second coat. Since I am using a spray can and since the paint is rough and goopy, I have to make sure that I use all of it because if I don’t it will most likely clog up. So what ever was left over in the last two cans I used to touch up spots in the actual bed and on the grill.

Today at work we had a blood drive. I have given blood many times before so this isn’t anything new for me. I was all set to go at 10:30am and even had a conversation with a co worker about how I hope I don’t forget to go over at the right time. Well once I was 20 minutes late I got paged by our nurse haha. I got caught up and totally forgot to go. It was all OK I just went over late and did everything like normal. Everything went off without a hitch. My levels were good, and so was my temperature. They made sure I wasn’t infected with that sweet Zika virus and I was off to the races. It only took about ten minutes for me to fill the pint sized bag. The needles don’t bother me but I still don’t like to watch them jab me. I grabbed some snacks afterwards and headed back to work. Which didn’t take long since it was in the building across the street. If you are able to give blood and have no real reservations about it you should. It really doesn’t take long and generally doesn’t hurt. The feeling that you get from knowing that you personally have helped or will help dozens of people is an amazing feeling.

As far as my thoughts for to day go, I am on an automotive kick. I still want to use my ukulele more, camp more, game more, etc etc. But for know it is working on my truck. Part of me says don’t bother it is 16 years old and have 90,000 miles on it. But the other part of me says it still may have 60,000 more miles in it, and you love that thing. So on top of finishing the paint job, I think I want to lower it and swap out the exhaust system. I found a kit that is $160 to replace the exhaust, and I want to do that myself for the experience. As far as the lowering, I may leave that to the pros. Further than that, which may be years or never since I am tight for money, I would like to get new tires and rims. This is almost all cosmetic, but I would also like to try modifying any small thing I can with the engine or intakes and what not. I went through an automotive class in school but never perused it further, which I regret sometimes. I love working with my hands and making things better. Who knows how far I will get it. I know that soon I think I may have children and a house of my own so I know that my options are limited, but at the same time I may end up with a different vehicle entirely. Anyway have a great Hump Day and I’ll see you tomorrow for the last installment until Tuesday. Byyyeeee! 😀


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