Quick One

Hey everyone!

I haven’t really had much go on between yesterday and today. On top of that I will be leaving work at noon today. I have been painting my truck for a year or two now. It has been hard to find the time. I have been hand sanding parts at a time and painting it all with bed liner. It looks awesome and all but it needs finished. I have the sides left to do, and today is perfect to finish the bed sides. So that is what I’ll be doing. Last night I finally broke down and played CS:GO for the first time since Overwatch came out and……..my god I’m bad again. I knew I would be and that’s why I didn’t want to go play it yet haha. I had to up my mouse sensitivity to even be able to hit anyone. It was pretty rough. I also got kicked out of the last casual game I played for not getting to the bomb before they defused. Even though it was 1 vs. 5, oh well that’s casual CS for ya. That is all I have for you today, It was a quick decision to leave early so I wasn’t prepared.


I broke down and bought new molded cleats for softball from http://www.boombah.com they have the best gear for great prices.


Have a great Tuesday!


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